CBCGDF Proposes to Establish a Special Fund for Young Leaders to Promote the Concept of Sustainable Development and Penetrate the Social Industry
2019/8/23 13:16:00 本站

Recently, Creative Knowledge Education Group's public welfare consultant Ms. Zheng Huan visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) twice and discussed with the Secretary-General of CBCGDF Dr. Zhou Jinfeng about the spread of sustainable development concepts. It was decided to establish a special fund for young leaders, and from August 14, 2019, officially approved the development of the CBCGDF Youth Leadership Special Fund. At the same time, Ms. Zheng Huan was appointed as the executive director, Ms. Song Ting as the executive deputy director, and Mr. Zeng Shi as the management committee member, officially carrying out cooperation and expansion of ongoing business, as well as fundraising and other work.


In order to promote the concept of sustainable development into the social industry, the Youth Leadership Special Fund aims to bring together the strength of youth, relying on cultural and technological means, combining with the fields of food, clothing, housing, entertainment in public life, through innovative cross-border initiatives, science teaching research, technological challenges, international exchanges, and other ways of public communication and practice provide sustainable solutions for industries and institutions. Combine the concept of sustainable development with everyday life. The aim is to deepen the public's awareness of the concept of sustainable development, and to provide alternative solutions for the public with different life situations as an entry point.


The Youth Leadership Special Fund will actively encourage young people to participate and work with the community to promote the younger generation's innovative cross-disciplinary direction, subvert the traditional communication concepts and models, and deliver sustainable ideas in the form of public interest – - "Be Sustainable That is Profitable and Meaningful". The Youth Leadership Special Fund will combine the sustainability needs of different industries to empower young people to grow up while hoping to provide more stakeholders with solutions for sustainable communication and practice in cultural and technological integration. Dr. Zhou gave high hopes for the establishment of the Youth Leadership Special Fund and expressed his strong support.


The Youth Leadership Special Fund will announce the “Young Leaders Sustainable Growth Program” and the content of regular communication activities in the near future. Stay tuned for the way of participation.



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