Tang Zhaofan, head of the CBCGDF Green Financial Development Committee met with Moses M.C. Cheng, cooperation between two sides
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31 December, 2018- Dr. Tang Zhaofan, Head of the CBCGDF Green Financial Development Committee, met with Dr. Moses M.C. Cheng, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Insurance Authority and the winner of the Grand Bauhinia Medal.


Moses M.C. Cheng, GBM OBE JP is a lawyer by profession and a major contributor in the public domain of Hong Kong. He was the Chairman of the Board of Education, Member of the Education Commission, Chairman of the Council and Court of the Hong Kong Baptist University, Chairman of the Committee for the Promotion of Civic Education and Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors.


The two sides talked about the cooperation between the CBCGDF Green Financial Development Committee, the Hong Kong SAR Government, and Hong Kong Hu Baiquan Law Firm. Later, they agreed that there was huge room for cooperation between the two sides and thus exchanges should be strengthened.


Lester Huang, former Chairman of the the Law Society of Hong Kong and Founder of P. C. Woo&Co., attended the meeting.


During the trip, Dr. Tang Zhaofan also held a meeting in Hong Kong with Mr. DS Chin to understand the work of CBCGDF and they discussed the cooperation between CBCGDF International Finance Committee, Malaysia government, as well as the cooperation with the relevant brokers. Mr. DS Chin expressed his appreciation and said that he will fully cooperate with the Committee to hold an international financial forum in Hong Kong.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF Green Financial Development Committee)

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