CBCGDF Good Food Fund Recruitment: Join us at Yale and Harvard for the 2019 Spring Festival feast!
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In order to promote sustainable food, CBCGDF and Yale University Hospitality Department jointly launched the "2019 Good Food Masters Meet World Famous Schools New Year Feast" series event.


December 1st - 5th is the registration time.


In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig in 2019, the Good Food Fund will hold a two-week "Good Food Roadshow" for the first time in Yale, Harvard, and Princeton Universities. It will be a gourmet feast of Chinese and Western cuisine. Students and chefs will share good food, deliciousness, health and thoughts about the future of the planet.


In addition to food sharing, the delegation also has the opportunity to conduct high-end dialogues on food and sustainable development, food and physical and mental health with the world's top nutritionists and sustainability experts in Yale and Harvard Universities, and share the Chinese food culture with the teachers and students.


This event will be filmed as a documentary.


If you have a lot of imagination, or if you are a chef, entrepreneur, journalist, expert who has humanistic care and can represent the Chinese food culture, what are you waiting for, come to join us!


Contact us: 16601121736 jianyi@goodfoodchina.com


Attachment: Part of the project itinerary (taking Harvard University Station as an example)


Thursday, February 7


o Overview of Dining at Harvard - Historic and Today


? Noon – Lunch & Educational Programming


o Featuring Michelle Williams, Dean of the T. H. Chan School of Public Health & Frank Hu, Chair, Department of Nutrition


o The Role of Food in Public Health


o The Latest from the Nutrition Roundtable


? 4:30 pm -Tour of 2-3 dining facilities (Dunster, Mather, Quincy, Lamont)


? 6:00 pm – GFF Welcome Reception & Dinner with Harvard dining and faculty guests


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