Art Lovers Save the Date: CBCGDF Friend Matti Dubee’s New Gallery噶[gah] Softly Opens this Friday
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CBCGDF’s friend Matti Dubee’s new gallery “[gah]” opens in Kunming, Yunnan on November 16, 2018.


Matti Dubee, a bosom friend of CBCGDF and an artist who specializes in paper sculpture art creation. A native of Canada, he came to China when he was a teenager and has since established a relationship with the country’s humanities and nature. When learning Chinese in Shanghai in the early 1990s, he came across sculptures by chance. This opened his artistic life. Matti’s artistic road is inseparable from China. his footprints once covered lots of provinces in China. He used to live in Dali for a while and now moved to Kunming. The reason why he chose to stay in Yunnan Province is because he likes the weather there and “there has no traffic jams”. The theme that is reminiscent of his artistic creation is inseparable from climate change and environmental protection.


The raw material used in Matti’s paper sculpture art is “Dali Paper” – people are familiar with marble, but the “marble texture” created by using waste newspapers and white latex is almost unheard of and will be amazed once learned about it. At the same time, the raw materials are taken from waste paper, which is also in line with Matti’s philosophy and theme of environmental protection.


It takes more than 80 hours to produce each piece of “Dali Paper” sculpture, which contains Matti’s originally and dedicated investment. Sandpaper grinding alone takes 24 hours a day, and ultimately present to us the texture of marble. Matti said he felt it was the most difficult and boring part of the creating process.


Matti’s work focuses on current social issues and on environmental protection. It is not hard to imagine that his close friendship with the leading non-governmental organization (NGO), CBCGDF, who is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. In April 2018, CBCGDF held its first “Pangolin Protection and Popularization Education” event in Beijing. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the SG of CBCGDF walked into the Fuxue Hutong Elementary School, which has a history of nearly 700 years. Together with more than 200 teachers and students, he developed a special lecture on pangolins protection. On that day, Dr. Zhou was accompanied by a cute lifelike pangolin model, which was one of the magnificent “Dali Paper” sculptures polished by Matti. CBCGDF continues to support and communicate and collaborate more broadly and closely with “green artists” who care about eco-friendly topics like Matti.


Art works are the true reflection of the artist’s psychological level. Matti’s paper sculpture contains profound environmental significance and value. It reflects the current social issues and at the same time calls for environmental protection in an objective and gentle manner, returning to a free and comfortable living environment.


Nowadays, Matti’s new gallery in Kunming, the “[gah]”(gallery art hub), will open on November 16th at 3pm on Friday. At the same time, there will be a pre-opening exhibition: Andrew McWilliams paintings exhibition.


Matti’s new gallery is 460 square meters of open space located in an old factory. It will feature his sculptures and art in other mediums from other artists. The gallery will also host events, lectures, product launches and performances. For art lovers, they may be able to compare it with the galleries of the 798, Dashanzi, Caochangdi and other art zones in Beijing.


(Photo source: Matti Dubee)


Matti cares much about environmental protection. (Photo source: IWE Art Museum)


Matti's works. (Photo source: Matti Dubee)


Matti’s pangolin model accompanied Dr. Zhou to educate kids. (Photo: CBCGDF)


(Photo source: Matti Dubee)

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