HbS – It's Better for the Doer to Undo What He Has Done | Zhou Jinfeng: Taking Ecological Civilization as the Guiding Ideology For Climate and Health Communication (II)
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Changzhou poisonous land case and Tengger Desert pollution case, these cases filed by CBCGDF have also received a lot of media attention and a large number of people's participation, which is a real case of the environmental public interest litigation. Through this case, the public has a depth understanding and recognition of the new environmental protection law and environmental public interest litigation and has made great achievements in the education of law popularization. Among them, the trial of the Tengger Desert pollution case has attracted the great attention of the Party Central Committee, autonomous region, and Zhongwei municipal Party committees and governments at all levels as well as the masses of the people. The methods and results are related to environmental development and people's life in the Zhongwei area. Eight enterprises were confirmed to undertake a total of 569 million yuan for the restoration of environmental service functions and made an apology to the public for environmental pollution. It not only solves the problem of local environmental pollution but also warns more enterprises to abide by the laws and disciplines in the production process and fulfill the obligation of environmental protection.


There are also volunteers who report the "pangolin Prince" and "pangolin Princess" incidents. Due to the disclosure of volunteers from the CBCGDF, society has paid great attention to pangolin, an endangered species. "The ancient folk prescription has miraculous effect on promoting breast milk" broadcast by Guangdong public channel, the CBCGDF quickly issued an article to pay attention to this matter, and sent a letter to the Secretary of Guangdong municipal Party committee, hoping to strengthen the protection and publicity of pangolin in Guangdong, and then it was attached importance to and deleted. Sophia, a pangolin girl, has been involved in pangolin rescue and field investigation after wild release.


Food serves as the most powerful tool to improve human health and environmental sustainability. We launched the "Eat Good, Eat Well" initiative. The Chinese consumption of meat has exceeded one time than the standard level indicated by the Chinese Dietary Guidelines. That means if we follow the same traditional pattern for the industrialization and the development of the industrialized civilization as what western countries did, then we must be faced with more challenges that would further lay an intolerable burden on the earth.


The summer of 2017 witnessed the "Walk Your Chopsticks" initiative promoted by CBCGDF. According to the statistics by June 11, 2017, the daily order of Meituan, the Chinese food delivery giant, is amounted to be 13 million. This means every food delivery platform would consume over 20 million pairs of disposable chopsticks each day. A considerable amount of one-time-use chopsticks costs precious forestry resources and brings out environmental pollutions. The litigation filed by the Chongqing Green Volunteer Union against three leading food delivery enterprises, Baiduwaimai, Eleme and Meituan, these platforms instantly responded to add the choice of "no utensils" on the Apps. The outcome is that food delivery platforms are not allowed to provide disposable utensils without confirmation from customers- this shows how people's participation to advance governance and make a positive influence.


Climate change requires global action. We are entering into the era of Ecological Civilization, but people have not yet developed the eco-civilization way of thinking.


From the perspective of the Industrialized Civilization, holiday boosts economic growth and social development, and we have no intention to deny the economic benefit brought by the holiday. However, from the perspective of the Ecological Civilization, the convention of taking working days off throws serious damage to transportation, scenic areas, and nature. The over-consumption and consumption of alienation must be stopped. We don't oppose off day shift or holiday. The reasonable practice is to fully respect everyone's choice. The eco-environment could get relieved if we could stagger our holidays.


We should make a change as scientific recognition deepens and social advances. We need to break the shackles formed under the thinking mode of the Industrialized Civilization and change to the solutions with the wisdom of the Ecological Civilization. The human-based solution should be encouraged as the sixth Mass Extinction and climate risk are triggered by human activities. To this end, we all shoulder the responsibility to make the change.


 It is up to the doer to undo the knot. Each little step achieved by “me” can contribute to slow down the biodiversity loss and climate change. Everyone can make the world better!


Thank you.

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By / Li Xue, Wang Yanqing