Zhou Jinfeng: Promoting Ecological Environment Protection in Watersheds Using the Flagship Species
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Taking flagship species as a starting point and promoting ecological environmental protection is an important work method.


Some of our artificial ecological projects are often contrary to our wishes; but from the perspective of a flagship species, we will explore and study what kind of ecology this species needs, and then adjust our relevant river basin hydropower policy, or natural protection policy, or policies such as fishing bans, to systematically achieve ecological protection. In fact, this is the restoration of the habitat of a flagship species.


Take Sichuan taimen (scientific name: Hucho bleekeri) distributed in the Yangtze River Basin as an example. This species is listed as a key species for the protection of aquatic biodiversity in the Yangtze River Basin in the "Key River Basin Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Program" issued by relevant national departments:


Sichuan taimen was originally a species with a wide range of habitats. Half a century ago, this species was rich in resources. It was distributed in the mainstream of the Minjiang River, the Dadu River, the Qingyi River and its tributaries. After the 1960s, due to environmental degradation, overfishing, etc., the number decreased sharply, and the distribution area continued to shrink. Now, this species has become a "giant panda in the water." Finally, the home may be destroyed by the construction of a hydropower station. The hydropower station has changed the hydrological environment, affecting the spawning and growth of this fish, preventing them from migrating and bait.


Now, the habitat of Sichuan taimen has been compressed into a small, narrow space. Well, if we strive to protect its last habitat and restore its traditional habitat at the same time, through this restoration process, it may also be the most effective method for ecological protection of the river basin. Therefore, we should seize it. In the series of projects of the Yangtze River Protection, this is a core battle, which is of great significance to open up a context.


The significance of the flagship species is not just in the species itself. The flagship species is a representative species of regional ecological protection, along with habitats, it is the protection of the entire ecology.


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