All the “Bee Friends” who have Quarreled, Worried, Complained and Encouraged, This Secret can Only be Left in the End | CBCGDF Combat-Epidemic and Resumption Team (II)
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Non-stopping driving all day and all night, it’s great that we can back to our farm


Ms. Liu left at 7:00 p.m., a long journey of more than 1,600 km. They insisted and didn’t stop for a rest, but drove at high speed all the way. To save more time, everyone eats instant noodles or doesn’t eat anything at all.


In the early morning of the third day after departure, everyone was very tired when they rushed back home, and the driver fell asleep directly. After daybreak, when the driver set off for the highway again, he was stopped by the staff at the highway intersection because the driver’s health certificate was overdue for 8 days. In order to supplement the driver’s health certificate, Ms. Liu has been communicating all day from the village committee to the town health center and to the epidemic prevention headquarters of Shayang County.


“I don’t even have the energy to talk,” when CBCGDF’s staff called to ask about the situation, she replied weakly, but she was still very happy. “It’s great to be back as soon as possible,” she added. After all, their family is the first bee farmer who stayed outside and returned home smoothly in the spring of this year.


In countless phone calls and letters, there are also many unforgettable heart-warming moments. For example, on March 5th, a woman from the epidemic prevention headquarters of Hubei Province asked kindly by phone, “is there any problem with the traffic when the bee farmers come back? Is there anything we can help and assist?” Although she is on the other side of the phone, her carefulness and consideration make many bee farmers feel heart-warming; also, the Publicity Department of Yunnan’s Maquan County, after learning that the Hubei’s bee farmers trapped in Luquan are eager to return home, they actively contacted CBCGDF’s staffs, got in touch with the bee farmers, and helped to find a way together. A beekeeper in Hubei province learned to post status on Weibo for more than a week of continuous communication. He asked the local government department online that, “bee farmers almost all need to return together with their wives and children or their parents. If there are strict restrictions on two car attendants, should I leave my wife and children behind or hire a driverless?”


In an interview with the media, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, CBCGDF’s Secretary-General, once said that the transferring of bee farmers is not only related to bees but also related to poverty alleviation and healthy ecosystem. He said, “2020 is the decisive year for poverty alleviation, and bee farmers’ poverty alleviation is a very crucial link. Bee farmers are very simple workers. If they fail to transfer, they are likely to become a poverty family again this year. In addition, bee pollination has a great impact on the ecosystem. If these beekeepers cannot transfer smoothly and cause a large number of bees to die, the damage to the ecosystem will be irreparable.” When he learned that the first group of stranded bee farmers could return, he was very happy and posted a congratulatory Weibo right away.


By March 8th, except for 6 stranded bee farmers in Yicheng city (Hubei Province), the bee farmers in other cities had solved the problem of receiving certificates. When the relevant departments of Dangyang County replied to CBCGDF’s staff, they said that they had opened a green channel for bee farmers in other places. As long as the car attendants are healthy, have complete procedures and do not violate the traffic laws and regulations, the relevant departments will not limit the number of people and allow them to go home and quarantine on the bee farm.


This means that the way back home of more than 200 stranded bee farmers from Hubei Province has finally been completely opened, and they are on a happy way back home at the moment.


The last secret is: “as a member of CBCGDF’s Combating Epidemic and Rehabilitation Working Team, I am also from Hubei Province. I can feel the pain and disaster of this place this winter and spring as much as all the bee farmers. I even had family members who died in the epidemic. After I went to university, I left my hometown and won scholarships every year when I was in University. My graduate professors treat me very well, and many of my college classmates are distributed in cities and counties in Hubei Province as leaders, and I can feel the pressure of them in this epidemic. Therefore, I will never forget all the quarrels, anger, complaints and heart-warming moments in the process of the transferring. The bee farmers are all my fellow villagers. I can understand every dialect they said, and I understand their anxious mood. Other non-Hubei colleagues of CBCGDF also provided active help and support for various communication work.”


Thanks to all of you that make us have such a process of solidarity and joint efforts together. At the same time, I wish all of you a warm spring in your life after the ice is thawed!

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By / Xue Tongtong