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绿会端午“Real for Wild”活动,带你体验超具未来感的AR生态科技!
2019/6/1 19:03:00 本站中国绿发会

YYMF|“Real for Wild"! CBCCGDF takes you to the futuristic AR eco-tech experience!


If there is no limit between the virtual and real world, what will happen?


Have you ever thought about interacting and taking photos with endangered animals in other parts of the world such as pangolins in South Africa, jaguars in Brazil, elephants in Kenya, blue-eyed lemurs in Madagascar?


Have you ever thought about designing a sustainable river development plan to let people live harmoniously with wild animals and plants?

中国生物多样性保护与绿色发展基金会(简称“绿会”)与envisionBetter将在6月7日至6月9日(端午节放假期间)位于河北金山岭长城举办的阴阳音乐节,举办“Real for Wild”为主题的生态科技体验活动,结合AR(即增强现实),为参与者带来这样无与伦比的生态感受。

The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation ("CBCGDF") and envisionBetter will together hold the "Real for Wild" event at the Yinyang Music Festival in the Jinshanling Great Wall segment in Hebei Province from June 7th to 9th (during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday). "Real for Wild" will incorporate ecological experience with AR technologies, and provide participants with an unparalleled ecological experience.


The Yin Yang Music Festival, held in the beautiful Jinshanling Great Wall, is going to be a feast of electronic music culture, ecological protection, contemporary art, and sustainable development forum.




Augmented Reality (AR) merges the real world with the virtual and provides an unprecedented level of immersion.

“Real for Wild”生态科技体验活动由绿会主办,envisionBetter设计和协办。此项活动致力于让游客不仅可以体验科技带来的创新,更让游客加深了解濒危物种和相关栖息地对我们的影响,从而投入环保队伍当中。

The “Real for Wild” eco-technical experience event is hosted by CBCGDF and designed and co-organized by envisionBetter. This activity is dedicated to allowing music festival participants to not only have the first-hand experience about the innovations brought by technology but also to deepen the understanding of the great impact that human activities have forced upon the endangered species and their habitats, therefore to become a member to promote environmental protection.


envisionBetter is a place to share ideas and inspiration, from the technological to the biological. The vision is that we can be better, and so should try to be so, one idea at a time. They want to look at things a little differently, and through the power of sharing and technology, provide a platform for new ideas that simply, make things better. Nothing is off limits, from conservation, education, technology and beyond to contribute to a better world without any limitations.



在活动当中,绿会将采用Safari Central软件和 WWF Free Rivers软件,为参与者带来多样综合的体验。

During the event, CBCGDF will use mobile applications such as Safari Central and WWF Free Rivers, to bring diverse and integrated experience to participants.

参与者可通过绿会工作人员的引导使用Safari Central软件,该软件由Internet of Elephants公司设计,游戏用AR把野生动物带入真实世界,令人难以置信的动画将让参与者进一步了解穿山甲、野生大象、狐猴等濒危动物,同时参与者还可以与或可爱或酷炫的动物创意留影,期间,绿会工作人员也将为使用者介绍国内保护穿山甲等濒危动物的状态,赋能参与者,让他们了解和参与环保事业。

Participants are encouraged to use Safari Central, which is designed by the Internet of Elephants, during the music festival. The app uses AR to bring wildlife into the real world. Unbelievable animations will allow participants to learn more about pangolins and elephants, lemurs and other endangered wild animals. Meanwhile, participants can also take away pictures with those cute or cool animals as souvenirs. During the music festival, CBCGDF staff will also introduce the status of domestic endangered animals such as pangolins to the participants and empower them to participate in environmental protection.

来源:Internet of Elephants

通过WWF Free Rivers(WWF为世界自然基金) 绿会将把一片完整的风景放在参与者的掌心上。通过这种浸没式的增强现实体验,参与者会了解人与野生动植物对河流的依赖。他们也会了解到,用水坝截断河流的后果,以及尝试其他可持续发展的选项,保持河流的健康和流淌。在这过程中,参与者还可以收集人和动物的故事。

Through WWF Free Rivers, the CBCGDF will put a complete landscape on the palm of the participants. Through this immersive AR experience, participants will have a better understanding of how dependent people and wildlife are to the river ecosystem. They will also learn about the consequences of dams about the water cut in rivers and explore other sustainable options to keep a healthy and flowing river. In the process, participants can also collect interactive stories of people and wildlife.



CBCGDF welcomes everyone to participate!

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