Milestone APP "RiverEye" launched on iOS and Android to Combat Illegal Fishing
2019/2/10 16:50:00 本站

To encourage public participation in fighting illegal fishing, an APP called "RiverEye" is launched on iOS and Android systems by CBCGDF's Anti-Electrofishing Collaboration Center (or FDY) on Feb 1st, 2019.


The free-of-charge APP is based on field experiences and practices over the past year by the Center, which is a platform composed of ~20,000 registered CBCGDF volunteers. With strong support from CBCGDF and professional technical team, it was initially formed and now open for trial operation on the Apple Store and Android Platforms. Welcome joining us!


Technology helps fighting illegal wildlife poaching. Aiming to safeguarding freshwater ecosystem, this is China's first APP tailored for the general public use to record illegal fishing and protect aquatic wildlife. It can also display real-timely hotspot maps, illustrate distribution of aquatic animal activities, provide latest information and other popular science and life tips to the public. It'll be a nightmare for illegal fishers!


The RiverEye features eight functions:


1. Acquisition of illegal fishing, illegal sand dredging, sewage discharge and other adverse events on waters.


2. One-click reporting and accurately identifying illegal behaviors.


3. Provide interfaces for swift law enforcement.


4. Collect information of sighting of protected freshwater wildlife and automatically produce distribution maps.


5. Artificial Intelligence on Fish Species Identify System.


6. Recording personal fishing places and interest points.


7. Records of Patrol.


8. Big-data analysis and demo functions.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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