Green Youth visited Japan: visited and researched a garbage disposal plant and performed martial arts |be young envoys of Sino-Japan friendly exchange
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Recently, Green Youth - young envoys of Sino-Japan friendly exchange have arrived in Sasebo, Japan, for a week of exchange activities, Green Youth were warmly received by local school teachers and students.


Green Youth performed a traditional Chinese program - martial arts for Japanese students and won house cheers. Children have become young envoys for spreading Chinese culture and art and make the world's youth understand China's brilliant national art more.


Children's Voice Young Reporter of Green Youth also visited the waste disposal plant in Kumamoto. The teacher from CBCGDF taught them: garbage that can be reused effectively and recyclable is a resource; idle goods that are not sorted, collected, transported or disposed of is garbage.


It is a difficult step to cross to turn garbage into resources. We need to pay attention to this and find ways to solve it. Under the guidance of the teacher of Tianjin Children's Voice Young Reporter and Host Base, Green Youth realized the importance of garbage classification in the most direct way and expressed to put themselves into action to protect the environment.


The garbage disposal plant sealed all the links of garbage disposal, made them transparent, built a systematic popular science observation corridor in the periphery, which is not only beautiful and clean but also full of popular science cartoons about environmental protection. Green youth got inspired after learning this. The research and design based on children's psychology can make Green Youth experience the process of garbage disposal in person and grow great interest in it. "I learned how to classify and deal with garbage by myself and will urge my parents to do garbage classification."


Green Youth learned that garbage classification in Japan starts from the inside of the family and there are many processes before garbage is sent out. Japanese people have made garbage classification to the extreme, at the same time they have made garbage recycling the best in the world. It is this highly conscious awareness of environmental protection in people that makes Japan become an advanced environmental protection country.


CBCGDF hopes that Green Youth can become a good emissary for Sino-Japan friendly exchanges. By learning garbage classification well, they can apply what they have learned into practice, pioneer and innovate. They can become useful talents in building the motherland, realize a community of Shared future for mankind and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation at an early date.


















(Photo credit: CBCGDF Green Youth Working Group)

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