Salute to Volunteers | CBCGDF Rep. Attended the 4th GPBN Asia Pacific Pro Bono Summit
2018/12/9 17:48:00 本站

On the occasion of the 33rd International Volunteer Day, the 4th GPBN Asia Pacific Pro Bono Summit was grandly opened, and CBCGDF representative was invited to attend.


With the theme of “Pro Bono: Contributes to SDGs & Co-creates Our Future”, this summit focuses on how to achieve cross-border collaboration and jointly address future challenges by inspiring the professional strength of business and society. Nearly 300 attendees from all walks of life gathered in Gu'an, Hebei Province, and participated in the event.


The summit consisted of keynote speeches, field trips and special forums. During the summit, a large number of domestic and international industry leaders and cross-border biggies conducted in-depth exchanges around the theme of the summit, bringing a high degree of the collision of tension and warmth.


In the keynote session, Asia Pacific representative Andrew Hamilton talked about the value of professional volunteering from a global perspective by sharing his rich experience in professional volunteering.


The summit released the "China Professional Volunteer Service Baseline Standard" and announced the "I WILL Professional Volunteer Best Practice Case" in 2018.


Volunteer dedication and hard work are inextricably linked to the results of the CBCGDF work. CBCGDF has developed a volunteer declaration system under the Foundation to provide the public with a member of the CBCGDF volunteers, to participate more broadly in the protection of the ecological environment and endangered species, to provide a platform for wider exchanges, and to ensure the safety of environmental investigations. Anyone who has the willingness to contribute in the field of eco-environment can log in at https://ff.lingxi360.com/formfill?fid=MjrrbOEUBZnsB&utm_bccid=LXEH0QA2&disable_autofill=0 and enter valid personal information, after review by CBCGDF, eligible applicants will receive a volunteer certificate and formally become a glorious CBCGDF volunteer.


Through the CBCGDF Volunteer system, volunteers from all over the country, including overseas, can be recommended by CBCGDF, represent CBCGDF, participate in events in the field of eco-environment at home and abroad, and speak at the events and interact with other international peers. In the case of volunteers being harmed and threatened, CBCGDF will also actively negotiate with relevant departments to assist in solving the problem. In addition, CBCGDF can also recommend volunteers to outstanding institutions at home and abroad to enable them to have better development opportunities. At the same time, in order to comply with the current professional volunteer service paradigm, CBCGDF has also built a professional volunteer Pro Bono working group to play an increasingly important role in the global sustainable development stage by linking the strength of professional volunteers.


After 40 years of reform and opening up, CBCGDF expects to share and exchange global and China's professional volunteer experience and models with senior professionals from many countries around the world through the opportunity to participate in this Summit, so that the dialogue between China and the world will be deepened and understanding each other more. To form a regional voluntary service international cooperation mechanism and promote professional volunteer service which has become a new force to promote business harmony and social cross-border cooperation, as well as the development of China's public welfare innovation!

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