CBCGDF used clothes recycling project warm winter trip into Hubei
2022/1/7 16:14:00 本站

On Dec.31, 2021, colleagues from CBCGDF Used Clothes Recycling Project Working Group braved the cold and heavy snow heading for Shennongjia mountainous area in Hubei Province, in order to let the people in need in the forest area have a peaceful and happy New Year's Day.

After being sorted, cleaned and disinfected, 6,000 pieces of winter clothes, 200 bags of rice, 200 barrels of cooking oil and 200 quilts were delivered to the people of Luyanghe Village and Jiudao Liang Village in time for New Year's Day.

Since the launch of CBCGDF used clothes recycling project, several such trips have been made every year. The smiling faces of the local people are the best encouragement for us, and the project will continue to be carried out in other areas.


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