Zhou Jinfeng to the Second Anti-Electric Fishing Convention: Opening Up a New Situation, Cultivating New Opportunities, and Practicing “People Protect the Yangtze River”
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On September 11, 2020, the "Second Anti-Electric Fishing Convention" co-organized by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Fish Protection Center (Oppose Electro Fishing Union) and other units was successfully held virtually.


In the morning, guests and representatives of volunteer teams from all over the country gathered together virtually to discuss aquatic ecological protection issues. In the afternoon, Zhu Kai, the CBCGDF volunteer, the head of the Fish Protection Center, conducted training on the related fields of combating illegal fishing to the heads of volunteer teams across the country.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of CBCGDF remotely participated in the convention and delivered a speech. The following is the content of the speech organized for readers.


I was still thinking about the scene of the first Anti-Electric Fishing Convention, and the volunteers sang the song of anti-electric fishing. I was on the scene at the time and was moved for a long time. Now we have ushered in the second Anti-Electric Fishing Convention, and this continuation still excites me.


In 2019, the CBCGDF Fish Protection Center achieved great results, with more than 40,000 volunteers participating in anti-electric fishing work. 83 anti-electric fishing teams are distributed in the mainstream and tributaries of the Yangtze River; Supervising reports and assisting local fishery authorities to carry out more than 5,000 law enforcement actions against illegal fishing have played a huge role in combating illegal fishing and protecting the aquatic ecological environment across the country. The convening of this convention coincided with the timing. It has been more than nine months since the Yangtze River began to fully fish ban. This is a phased summary report and also a plan and adjustment for the future.


On many occasions, I have been constantly emphasizing the three major crises facing humanity, namely, the biodiversity crisis, the climate change crisis and the public health security crisis. These crises are specific to the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. In terms of the ecological environment, they are the loss of species caused by illegal fishing, frequent floods, and droughts and dryness, as well as the accompanying public health security issues. The COVID-19 has given us the worst warning in history.


If we compare our country to the human body, then the Yangtze River and the Yellow River are the main blood vessels, which are responsible for delivering nutrients to the body and maintaining the healthy operation of the entire body. Its importance is self-evident. However, the current health of these two main blood vessels is not optimistic.


The problems of the Yangtze River not only involve the ban on fishing, but also a series of problems such as sand digging, sewage discharge, ship noise, garbage, etc., which threaten the ecological environment of the Yangtze River. In fact, it is not only the Yangtze River, but most of the rivers in our country are suffering from these problems. To truly solve these problems, in addition to the system prescribed by the state, the more important point is the participation of the people.


The theme of this convention is very well set. People's participation is a particularly important way to implement ecological civilization. We propose Human-based Solutions, because all challenges and problems are closely related to human behavior, and people's own changes are also the "keys" to promote the solution of these problems.


One thing impressed me. During the severe floods in southern China, our volunteers discovered that some people were “robbing”: carrying simple equipment on their backs while electric fishing. The volunteers effectively stopped this behavior. In addition, many volunteers in Tianjin, Hubei, and Hunan did not stop patrolling even during the COVID-19 period. They found problems and reported them in a timely manner, playing an important role in maintaining ecological safety. Every one of our volunteers is an awakened person. They constantly shout and appeal and use practical actions to influence the people around them. They are the most down-to-earth practitioners of Human-based Solutions.


At present, we are at the intersection of two civilizations. In the age of industrial civilization, the behavior and thinking mode of requesting and discharging from nature is still imprinted on all aspects of social development. How to implement the thought of ecological civilization in the process of production and life is still far from the goal we expect. Including some "ecological projects" and "green projects", although they are called "green" and "ecology", in fact many implementations plans run counter to the concept of ecological civilization. For example, river dredging, removal of reeds, hardening of embankments, etc., behind the seemingly neat and beautiful things, actually violate the concept of ecological civilization.


However, this is also a great era of change, abandoning old concepts and old traditions, forming a new world outlook and values, challenges and opportunities coexist. This requires us to make changes in policy, culture, theory, law, education, and other aspects, and the wave of change is concentrated in the practice of each of our volunteers. Here, I sincerely thank every volunteer for their dedication and hard work, and salute everyone. I also wish the Second Anti-Electric Fishing Convention a success and achieve even better results in future work.


Thank you everyone.












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