Self-Made “Closet Bird Cage” to Keep Birds for Sale | CBCGDF Volunteers in Harbin’s Flight Guardian Operation Destroyed 136 Cages, Released and Fostered 85 Birds
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Have you ever seen a cage in the style and size of a "closet"? There is also a self-made oversized hunting tool "rolling cage". In the 4th “Flight Guardian” operation carried out by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) volunteers in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, these birds-destructive things were cleaned and destroyed.


On August 26, 25 volunteers from the Harbin Ecological Protection Team carried out this autumn bird protection operation and continued to patrol the Hulan District of the city.


On that day, the volunteers braved the sultry weather and the total patrol trip was more than 230 kilometers. They patrolled more than ten villages, including Sanjia Village, Wenhua Village, Dongjing Village, Tianjia Village, and Yongsheng Village in Hulan District. They rescued and released 68 wild birds such as siskin and Sue finches on the spot; four dead birds were treated harmlessly; 17 birds including thrush, siskin, Grosbeak, Common Rosefinch, starling, and goldfinch were fostered.


In addition, the volunteers also removed a bird-catching tool sticking net, two net poles; 136 shooting cages and lure cages were destroyed; 50 leaflets to popularize the law were issued, and bird protection advocacy was carried out to villagers wherever they went.


In a place in the Wenhua Village, volunteers rescued and released 2 siskins and 3 common rosefinches on the spot, and destroyed four shooting cages, 11 trapping cages and raising cages. Among them, the size of a cage is super large and is made by a villager. It is square and upright like a "closet". It also has a "closet door" and a "closet face" surrounded by barbed wire. This thing is also called as the "bird ring". At that time, there were 2 siskins in the "Bird Ring". The "owner" said that he had sold birds last year, and he did not sell them this year and did not hunt them again.


After the law advocacy by the volunteers, the villager agreed to destroy the cage and release the wild birds on the spot, stating that he would never keep birds.


In Dongshen Village, after legal publicity, one villager agreed to release the two Sue finches raised, foster one goldfinch, and destroy a huge "rolling cage" by himself. It is understood that the rolling cage is huge and has many "traps". As long as wild birds get close to it, they will fall into the "trap". It is a bird catching tool that is strictly prohibited.


Volunteers also found near Yongsheng Village, a bird net hanging in the villagers’ yard. After the popularization of the law, the villager agreed to dismantle and destroy the bird net and net poles, as well as 18 bird cages (including three shooting cages) and released four siskins on site. This is the first bird net hung in a village discovered by volunteers this year since they started the autumn patrol.





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