At the Invitation of Geoffrey Lipman, Zhou Jinfeng Recorded a Congratulatory Video for the NY Annual Dinner Hosted by the SUNx
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Not long ago, as a member of the global network SUNx advisory board, a member of SUNx’s first board directors, and co-founder of the SUNx Climate Champions Framework, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited by Chairman of SUNx and ICTP’s President, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, recorded a short video for the occasion of the 1st Annual STRONG Event in New York on September 24.


Professor Lipman is the co-founder of the Sunx network. He was the assistant secretary-general of the UNWTO, the chairman of the WTTC, and the administrative officer of the UNDP. SUNx is currently the world's leading strong universal network, an EU-based project and a non-profit organization for green growth and sustainable tourism. It is an important way to commemorate the late world environmental protection leader Maurice Strong and is a valuable legacy for the world's pioneer of sustainable development and environmental protection.


On September 24, SUNx network paid tribute to Maurice Strong, the pioneer of sustainable development and the inspiration behind SUNx’s powerful network in New York in the first annual dinner gala event, emphasizing the version of “Climate Friendly Travel” as a driving force and change promoter in the new climate economy.


Maurice Strong is not only a pioneer in the world's environmental protection but also a permanent teacher and friend of CBCGDF. Maurice has been fully supporting the work of CBCGDF during his lifetime. The old gentleman’s friendship with us for more than ten years in his old age has been cherished and memorized by us. Maurice’s contribution to China's environmental protection cause, teaching, and inspiration to us has become a permanent memory that CBCGDF can share.


Dr. Zhou said emotionally in the video that although he was not present that night, his heart was with everyone. “I am particularly proud to see what we have achieved by far at this crucial moment. I believe it is precisely the kind of system change we stand for. It was why our friend Maurice Strong, whose legendary commitment to the sustainable development of the planet and its people, is also reflected in SUNx’s planetary boundaries vision. These are principles that we espouse at CBCGDF of action-oriented persuasion with strong stakeholder engagement. Protected areas and species are a vital part of our bio-system and we need to step up our defenses.”


We are welcoming the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s CoP15 in China next year. People have to be aware that the catastrophic collapse of the world’s biodiversity should be on the top of the globe’s environmental priorities. We also believe this upcoming phenomenal event embodies the will of the international community to leverage green sustainable development approaches, inclusively, to build a shared future for not only young generation, but also for all life on earth. Now is a good moment. The United Nations 2019 Climate Summit also convenes at this moment in New York. And the summit was preceded by a specific Youth Climate Summit on 21, September. The Climate Summit is one of the representatives, together with todays’ SUNx, will seek to challenge states, regions, cities, companies, investors, and citizens to step up action in the areas of the energy transition, climate finance, and industry transition, nature-based solutions, cities and local action, and resilience. The action areas we must specifically focus including social and political drivers of change; transition to renewable energy; nature-based solutions; resilience and adaptation; mitigation; and youth and citizen mobilization.


Dr. Zhou also gave a brief introduction to the China Conservation Areas (CCAfa) system with Chinese characteristics established by CBCGDF. The system aims to protect biodiversity, the natural environment, resources and human heritage, encourage and support local volunteers, civil society organizations and communities to join, focus on public participation protection, and share public protection stories and experiences to promote mutual protection and ascension.


In October 2018, the SUNx and CBCGDF reached an agreement to jointly develop the climate resilience networks and capacity building in China, the countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative and relevant African countries; develop the Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarship Program in China and other regions focuses on promoting “Climate Friendly Travel”.


The event on the evening of September 24 is also part of Climate Week NYC's Sustainable Travel and Leisure Program.

Screen capture of the video (Photo credit: CBCGDF)

Maurice and Dr. Zhou met in the United States. Pictured in the last month of the old man's life. (Photo credit: CBCGDF)

In the summer of 2018, Professor Lipman visited CBCGDF again and became a volunteer of CBCGDF. (Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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The video was played at the event on September 24 in New York. (Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteer)

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