Zhou Jinfeng Attended the 6th Issue of Sino-French Legal and Judicial Exchange Week | Sharing Civil Society to Promote High-Quality Development in the Era of Ecological Civilization (II)
2019/9/27 15:58:00 本站

Given Dr. Zhou’s sharing, President Mattias GUYOMAR, the compere of the meeting made a brilliant comment.


Franoise BENEZECH, President of the Environment Division of the Procuratorate of the Paris Court of Justice at the scene, was very interested in the anti-electro-fishing case shared by Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, and asked: How to ensure that the evidence is authentic? What difficulties will civil society encounter in anti-electro-fishing? How do you deal with these challenges?


In this regard, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng introduced how the River Eye App of the Anti Electro-fishing Assistance Center ensured the authenticity of the evidence and introduced the challenges encountered in practice, as well as how to overcome the challenges and promote the protection of marine biodiversity.


Besides, after answering presiding judge BENEZECH’s question, he continued to add the fifth case: there is a coastal wetland called Bagua Tidal Flat in Tianjin. Many people go to collect seashells, which leads to the destruction of key habitats of migratory birds. Like this example, he explained how Chinese civil society promotes the construction of ecological civilization.



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