CBCGDF Co-sponsored the 4th Beijing International Walking Forum | Walking and Olympic Culture Communication
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On September 6, the 4th Beijing International Walking Forum was held as scheduled in the lecture hall of the experimental building of Capital University of Physical Education and Sport. At the invitation of Beijing Walking Association, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) successfully invited James K, a lecturer at Federal University Dutse, Nigeria, and Natalie Bennett, a representative of Crossboundaries workshop, to participate in the forum. John Ashlin, the representative of the Netherlands Circle Economy Institute attended the forum.


Beijing International Walking Forum is co-sponsored by Beijing NGO Association for International Exchange (BNAIE) and Beijing Sports Federation, Mentougou District People's Government, Beijing Walking Association and Capital University of Physical Education and Sport. With the approval of the Foreign Affairs Office of People's Government, it has been successfully held for three times since 2016. It is the only specialty in the field of international Walking at present. The theme of this forum is "Walking and Olympic culture communication", aiming at promoting the combination of walking and Olympic culture communication, promoting the spread of Olympic spirit, promoting the communication of Olympic culture, and promoting the integration of Chinese and Western civilizations.


Around 9 a.m., Zhang Qian, Executive Vice President of the BNAIE, Shi Shaojie, President of the Beijing Walking Association and representatives of foreign guests jointly launched the forum. James K, the representative of Green University, CBCGDF made a keynote speech in the main forum. James talked about the relationship between green development and the Olympic culture. He said the conflicts between the Olympic Games and the environment are mainly manifested in the following aspects: a large number of new venues and facilities will damage the environment and aggravate the pollution; water sports will pollute water areas and even pollute water sources; a large number of people during the Olympic Games will bring traffic congestion, energy consumption, air pollution, and noise pollution, as well as garbage dumps. The improper use of venues after the game will have an impact on the ecological environment and then become a social burden. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games put forward three concepts: the Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics, and People's Olympics. Green Olympics is the premise and guarantee. Therefore, it is of great significance for us to fully understand the relationship between green Olympics and cultural construction, to promote the innovation of Olympic culture in an all-round way, and to strive to provide new services for Beijing Olympic Winter Game. At the same time, it can better promote the construction of ecological civilization in the city.


This side event adopted the form of interviews to communicate with the guest. Natalie, the representative of Crossboundaries workshop, talked about the integration of urban architectural design and Olympic culture at the side event entitled "Walking and Olympic Culture to Promote Cultural Integration". Nowadays, the development of urban architecture is closely related to human activities, and the design of large venues will fully take into account the integration of Olympic cultural ideas, which is conducive to the development of human spirit. John, representative of the Netherlands Circle Economy Institute, at the side event entitled "Walking and Olympic Culture for Urban Development", said that Olympic Culture is actually more like a city's card, which is conducive to promoting urban civilization and progress, and the two are closely integrated.


Finally, Nihong, the fencing World Cup champion and runner-up of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and John jointly read the "Walking for Promoting Olympic Culture" initiative and advocated that the public: Walking is an integral part of the Olympic family and Olympic culture. To further promote the global walking, and promote the Olympic culture via this forum, we send a message to the world's walking organizations and the vast number of "walkers" including "strengthening and promoting the cooperation and exchanges between national walking organizations and walkers. It is suggested that national walking organizations actively organize foreign walkers to travel in their own countries, help walkers to travel around the world and appreciate the beautiful earth, and promote mutual understanding and communication among different cultures. It is hoped that world peace, racial equality, national equality, and social harmony will be appealed, and the Olympic culture will be disseminated by walking.






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