Traditional Chinese Medicine Should be Based on Biodiversity Conservation | Zhou Jinfeng Attended the 18th Meeting of CGCM and Delivered a Keynote Speech
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On August 9th, the 18th Meeting of the Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM) was held in Shanghai. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), delivered a keynote speech under the theme of Sustainable Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine's Use of Wildlife in the Era of Ecological Civilization. He introduced the reality that the medicinal myth of pangolin scales turns pangolins into one of the most endangered animals around the globe. He elaborated the relationship among wildlife being used as a medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in modern times, and the construction of ecological civilization. Endangered wild animals and plants for the medical purpose could be replaced by other herbs. TCM should advance under the guidance of sustainable development. Dr. Zhou summarized three main factors curbing the development of TCM, namely fake medicine, excessive commercialization, and unreasonable consumption driven by profit-seeking intentions. He put forward with four focal points to boost TCM: biodiversity conservation, the establishment of protected areas, sustainable utilization, and the enrichment of TCM theory.


During the Conference, Dr. Zhou exchanged with experts from different countries and shared experience in the development of TCM, the construction of ecological civilization, and endangered species conservation. They explored what the best way to keep the balance between the advancement of TCM and wildlife conservation is. TCM should be based on biodiversity conservation.


Founded in 2003, CGCM is positioned as a global, non-profit, non-discriminatory and non-political organization with a mission of advancing the field of Chinese herbal medicine to benefit humankind through joint efforts of the academic institutions, industries, and regulatory agencies around the world. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Tommy Yung-chi Cheng and held annually. Up till now CGCM has got a total of 160 member institutes and 25 industrial affiliates.

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