Vice President Jeff Turner of Netherlands Royal DSM N.V., Visited the CBCGDF to Discuss Future Sustainable Development Cooperation with Zhou Jinfeng
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On the morning of August 7th, the vice president of Netherlands Royal DSM N.V. Mr. Jeff Turner, and the head of Royal DSM N.V. in China Ms. Cao Qiaohong visited the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), had the extensive and in-depth discussion with Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of the CBCGDF on sustainable development and other issues.


Royal DSM N.V. is a goal-oriented global science company active in nutrition, health and green life worldwide. Royal DSM N.V. ranked first in the chemical industry of the Dow Jones Sustainable Development Global Index for 15 consecutive years, becoming the leader of sustainable development in global industrial enterprises, and its unique feature is to consistently integrate sustainable development into business strategy. Mr. Jeff Turner joined Royal DSM N.V. as the director of sustainable development, brand and communication of Royal DSM N.V. in 2008. Since then, he has served as director of marketing and sustainable development and vice president of strategy of Royal DSM N.V.. He was appointed vice president of global sustainable development of Royal DSM N.V. in 2016. Mr. Jeff Turner, with long experience in sustainable development, has been actively seeking exchanges and cooperation with various sectors of society.


Mr. Jeff Turner praised and affirmed after listening to Secretary-General Zhou Jinfeng’s introduction about the CBCGDF’s work. He also showed great interest in the pangolin artwork on the table of conference room. In this regard, Zhou Jinfeng introduced to Mr. Jeff Turner the difficult situation that pangolin is currently facing seizing and poaching, as well as some problems found in the wildlife rescue system by the CBCGDF, and also the CBCGDF’s online video about suing a rescue station in Guangxi Province on “” to illustrate that the current pangolin protection work is extremely important and urgent. Zhou Jinfeng also stressed at the meeting that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) should pay more attention to the sustainability and scientificity. He mentioned that he will soon go to Shanghai to attend the 18th meeting of the Global Alliance of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to give a keynote speech on “Conservation and Replacement of Endangered Species”. Mr. Jeff Turner felt sad about the gradual extinction of pangolin species and believed that conservation of the biodiversity of endangered species was equally important for sustainable human development. If a species like pangolin loses its good protection, it will be a great loss for human beings.


Mr. Jeff Turner said that Royal DSM N.V.’s work is also aimed at achieving SDGs. He introduced that Royal DSM N.V. promoted sustainable development through innovative solutions, such as working together with partners to produce Omega-3 fatty acids from natural marine algae instead of fish oil, thereby reducing the impact on the oceans. Zhou Jinfeng pointed out that commercial organizations not only provide profits, but also provide some social benefits. Jeff Turner agreed and said that commercial business is the most powerful institution for change, both economically, socially and globally. The two sides discussed the important role of commerce in the sustainable development agenda. Jeff Turner said that the two sides have a high degree of consistency in the direction of development in this area and look forward to more opportunities to cooperate with the CBCGDF in the future.





(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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