Zhou Jinfeng Met with the Director of Sustainable Development of DSM China Region: Exchanged on Good Food Cooperation and Sustainable Development
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On the morning of July 4, Ms. Cao Qiaohong, Director of sustainable development of Royal DSM China, visited the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) to exchange and discuss good food and sustainable development with Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of the CBCGDF.


Ms. Cao Qiaohong introduced that Royal DSM Group is a technology-based listed company active in health, nutrition and sustainable life programs worldwide. At present, DSM is accelerating its transformation to a life sciences and materials sciences professional company and promoting sustainable development through the "3P" principles of People, Planet and Profit. DSM has set the next stage of sustainable development goals: the pursuit of sustainable development, from corporate values and a responsibility to make a positive contribution to society as a whole to the driving force for business growth. DSM's concepts and practices in human and animal nutritional health, reducing hidden hunger and obesity, reducing food waste and antibiotics are in line with the sustainable diet and ecological diet advocated by Good Food Fund of CBCGDF.


The Good Food Fund is committed to relevant research, information dissemination, policy advocacy, activity organization and public education of the food system. It aims to promote healthy and sustainable food production, marketing and consumption patterns, thereby improving human health, the natural environment and the living conditions of animals.


Secretary-General Zhou Jinfeng said that DSM and the CBCGDF are highly in line with their development philosophy. The CBCGDF is not only a social organization, a foundation, but also a first-level Association of biodiversity and green development. In the field of green development, recently, the CBCGDF officially released the "Green Meeting Index T/CGDF 00001-2019" on the national public service platform for standard information, which is a reference system to measure the sustainability of conferences and exhibitions. The green evaluation of conferences includes eating, accommodation, transportation, waste, biodiversity and energy consumption. To advocate a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, and oppose waste and unreasonable consumption. As a public welfare organization which has been paying attention to and promoting green sustainable development, CBCGDF has been running for the protection of public environmental interests, advocating people to change their way of life and production. For example, two years ago, CBCGDF and other environmental protection organizations successfully sued the takeaway enterprises, explicitly demanding that these takeaway enterprises respect consumers' green consumption rights, prompting the takeaway platform to increase the option of "0" tableware, allowing consumers to choose whether to use disposable tableware or not, which greatly improves consumers' environmental awareness of reducing plastic pollution. At first, many people felt puzzled and objected that it was nothing to pay for a few disposable chopsticks. "Our NGO is to be an early awakener of the times, to arouse more people to participate in the action of protecting the ecological environment and biodiversity," Zhou Jinfeng said.


The "Earth Overshoot Day" of 2019 has been advanced to July 29! This is the earliest day in history. This means that the rate of human use of ecological resources is 1.75 times faster than that of natural ecosystem renewal. Or, as we often say, human survival requires 1.75 earth.


Industrialization has created unprecedented material wealth and irreparable ecological damage. The development mode of killing the goose that lay the golden eggs has come to an end, and the green development conforming to nature and protecting ecology shows the future. Good food is the general trend of green development.


At the end of the meeting, Ms. Cao was invited to attend the annual good food summit to be held in Suzhou in August this year. The two sides jointly expressed that sustainable development not only meets the needs of contemporary people, but also does not impair the ability of future generations. It requires the cooperation of socially responsible enterprises and social organizations. The two sides also expressed their hope to further enhance understanding and explore cooperation in good food projects and sustainable development in the near future.


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