Wildlife Conservation Needs Artists' Voice --- Zhou Jinfeng and Liu Yingying, Founder of Mingyin Public Welfare Organization, Discussed Biodiversity
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On the afternoon of May 10th, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), held an online meeting with Dr. Liu Yingying, artist and the founder of Mingyin, a public welfare organization gives a voice for wildlife. The two sides discussed the grim situation of IPBES's latest report published recently. It has made effective communication on how to enhance adolescents' awareness of biodiversity conservation through music and other art forms.


Dr. Liu is an artist of vocal music and piano. Out of concern for wildlife conservation, she founded Mingyin in 2016, expecting to infect more people with music and art, love and participate in wildlife conservation. "The change of behavior needs the change of thinking, and the change of thinking needs the change of emotion. Music and art can influence people's thinking and behavior at a deeper level." In Dr. Liu's view, the appeal of art transcends national boundaries and is the best way to popularize wildlife conservation. Mingyin pays attention to the sound of wildlife from three aspects: music, story, and education. She is currently focusing on music innovation. Two pieces of music on wildlife conservation will be created by her. All things on earth and Breath of Life.


Secretary-General Zhou Jinfeng believes that artists like Dr. Liu need to voice for wildlife, hoping that more people will pay attention to the future of wildlife. He shared his views on the conflict between ecological civilization and industrial civilization. He said that the limit of the growth of industrial civilization is doomed, and the way of development has been unsustainable; ecological civilization requires fundamental changes in people's production and lifestyle. We all need to take the initiative to adjust our behavior to meet new needs. In the context of the dramatic loss of biodiversity, it is of great significance that outstanding artists like you, in particular, participate in promoting biodiversity conservation and mobilizing all people to join in this activity.


Dr. Liu expressed his appreciation. She pointed out that biodiversity conservation actually has no national boundaries, and everyone should pay attention to it. The earth is the mother, in fact, we are only one species of the earth, we are the children of the earth, like other species. Everyone knows the relationship between mother and child; when human beings come out of Africa, Africa is also the cradle of human beings. That's why she created All things on earth.


Zhou Jinfeng also introduced that the CBCGDF has been encouraging the public to participate in public welfare, believing that "the protection of people's participation" is the hope of biodiversity after 2020. CBCGDF pays special attention to cultivating young people's awareness of wildlife conservation. It has successively established CBCGDF's College Student Development Committee and Children's Committee, which have been promoted many times through such forms as national college students' environmental protection knowledge contest, children's public welfare painting activities, English speech and so on. We should be aware of ecological civilization and environmental protection from an early age. During the talks, Secretary-General Zhou Jinfeng expressed the hope that the two sides would work together in the future to promote wildlife conservation.



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