CBCGDF meets delegates of Ulanqab municipal institution to promote ecological conservation with local characteristics
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In the morning of April 22, the delegates from Ulanqab governmental institutions visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of CBCGDF, Xiao Qing, Deputy Secretary General of CBCGDF, and Lu Shanlong, Vice President of Beijing Institution of CBCGDF, communicated with the delegates about ecological conservation in Ulanqab on the basis of local resources and economic development.


On April 8, CBCGDF made an on-the-spot investigation of ecological conservation in Ulanqab at local heads’ invitation. This meeting is the follow-up to CBCGDF’s previous visit.


As a leading NGO dedicated to biodiversity conservation and green development, CBCGDF has focused on ecological civilization and the development of the ecological city. In March of 2018, Dr. Zhou was employed as the visiting professor of the Institute of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era at Peking University. He believes that the principle of ecological civilization enriches the Marxist philosophy. CBCGDF does a lot in promoting the development of ecological cities. CBCGDF holds a seminar with the topic of “Ecological Civilization and Green School”, and the National Environmental Knowledge Competition for College Students for several years. CBCGDF promotes “Campus Conservation Areas” and “Wilderness”, and advocates to say no to plastic book covers in primary and junior high schools. CBCGDF has gained great experience in ecological conservation.


During the 2nd Session of the 13th NPC National Committee of this year, President Xi addressed that China should adhere to the strategy of promoting ecological civilization construction and explore a new way to achieve green-based development which gives priority to ecology. China should pay more attention to ecological protection, and curb environment pollution, thus maintaining the beautiful scenery of the border. Located in central Inner Mongolia, Ulanqab serves as the main hub connecting three major economic zones in North-China, North-East, and North-West, and it is also an important land passage from China to Mongolia, Russia and East Europe. In recent years, Ulanqab government has attached great importance to ecological civilization construction and made efforts in city planning. At the beginning of this year, relevant departments in Ulanqab picked CBCGDF’s brain in ecological conservation based on full exchanges.


At the meeting on April 22, both parties discussed the development mode, strengths, and weaknesses, characteristics on how to achieve ecological conservation in Ulanqab. Dr. Zhou holds the view that relevant heads should give priority to ecological civilization in Ulanqab, and strongly support this work after taking its geological features, natural resources and development into consideration. We should try to explore a developing mode of ecological conservation with local characteristics from several aspects, such as ecological space, ecological economy, ecological environment, ecological system, and ecological culture.


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