Prof. Fred Dubee, the Director of CBCGDF, wrote to the co-chairman of the Club of Rome to introduce the CBCGDF's future work direction
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In December 2018, at the UNFCCC COP24, Prof. Fred Dubee, Director of the International Working Committee of CBCGDF met with the co-chairman of the Club of Rome, Ms. Sandrine Dixson-Decl?ve, and exchanged a series of positive responses to the CBCGDF on climate change. Recently, Professor Dubee sent a letter to Ms. Dixson-Decl?ve to further introduce the partners of the CBCGDF and the future work direction.


In the letter, Professor Dubee briefly introduced the ideas discussed after meeting with Ms. Sandrine and the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Advocate Director Yvette Dzakpasu, and also mentioned with GEN Executive Director Kosha Joubert, and with the TERRE Policy Center and the Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN) Chairman Rajendra Shende and other experts and the leading international environmental NGO leadership team discussed in detail.


It is worth noting that exploring the cooperation between their respective organizations and networks and the Club of Rome is an important trend in the future work of the GEN and the TERRE Policy Center. Kosha, Yvette, and Rajendra each expressed their opinions and hoped that their members could actively organize and host local climate emergency dialogues and action-oriented events on the basis of the idea that the Club of Rome provided basic elements.


In addition, Professor Dubee also mentioned that CBCGDF also spares all efforts in responding to global ecological and environmental challenges such as climate change, fully reflecting the level of specialization. CBCGDF creatively proposes to “Chineseize” and “localize” the work content and testing of the Club of Rome, so that it is more compatible and universal, and thus more acceptable to Chinese environmental participants and implementers. A typical example of "Chineseization" and "localization" is that CBCGDF actively promotes the bilingual version of the Chinese club member Ian Dunlop's speech.


Professor Dubee attended “China Pavilion” events during UNFCCC COP24. (Photo credit: Fred Dubee)

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During the "China Pavilion" events, Professor Dubee met with Mr. Xie Zhenhua, the head of the Chinese government climate negotiation delegation and the special representative of China's climate change affairs. (Photo credit: Fred Dubee)

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