The DPRK representative cordially invites the CBCGDF to go to the DPRK to jointly hold a bird-watching competition
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Recently, representatives of North Korea came to Beijing and met with the Secretary-General of the CBCGDF.


The DPRK representative mentioned that a bird watching event will be held in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, in March next year. They sincerely invite the CBCGDF to go to Pyongyang to co-organize the event. North Korea is a biodiversity-rich country, located on the migratory route of East Asian - Australasian Flyway, and is an important place for migratory birds to rest.


In 2015, North Korea will establish a natural museum in Pyongyang, and the CBCGDF donated a number of exhibits. The CBCGDF also recommended that North Korea strengthen biodiversity conservation, especially for bird protection.


The Secretary-General of the CBCGDF mentioned that the protection of migratory species of wild animals would require cooperation across borders and protected areas, as well as greater cooperation and public participation.


The CBCGDF and the vast number of civil environmental volunteers from all over the world have spared no effort to do a lot of work to protect the wetland biodiversity.


In 2018, CBCGDF has hosted the 3rd Dalian International Bird Watching Competition, and the 2nd Tianjin Binhai New Area International Bird Watching Competition. The CBCGDF not only popularized the knowledge of migratory birds to the public but also enabled the avid birders to participate. At the same time of bird watching competition, the awareness level of wetlands and migratory birds has been improved, with good results and far-reaching effects.


Recently, CBCGDF also cooperated with other units to host the “Guardian Wetland Meets Migratory Birds” Bird Watching China Tour and the large-scale public welfare environmental protection activities in Poyang Lake, aiming to appeal to more people to pay attention to birds and understand the knowledge and importance of bird protection. This event is to promote the community to join in the protection of biodiversity, the protection of migratory birds and wetlands, and the bird watching and bird protection.


The Secretary-General of the CBCGDF encouraged the North Korean representatives to actively participate in and organize healthy and environmentally-friendly bird-watching activities and public awareness campaigns for the public to arouse the public's sense of responsibility for nature, protection of wetlands and attention to birds.


According to the DPRK representatives, North Korea has actively cooperated with international organizations through investigations and monitoring projects in coastal and inland wetlands and has made much progress in identifying the migratory waterbird priority protected areas. At the same time, they began a general survey of their wetland resources and gained a better understanding of the biodiversity in these areas. During the talks, the DPRK representatives also brought in a communication with the CBCGDF staff who produced the rare bird map.


The Secretary-General of CBCGDF expressed support for North Korea’s bird watching event held in March next year and wished the bird watching society a complete success.







(Photo: CBCGDF)

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