[Exclusive:] Backed by CBCGDF – Volunteer, British Adventurer Ash Dykes Successfully Arrived at the Head of Three-river Source (Sanjianyuan)
2018/8/27 14:02:00 本站

In the early days, CBCGDF has produced a heavy news: CBCGDF’s volunteer,  British adventurer and extreme athlete Ash Dykes’ “Mission Yangtze” encountered a little test at its start – CBCGDF promptly gave him a hand, found him a new and experiences guide (see details: http://www.cbcgdf.org/NewsShow/4937/5960.html). It is reported that Ash officially departed on August 26, 2018, opening his epic “runaway” along Yangtze River full of mysterious oriental colors.


The journey was facilitated by the guidance and assistance of CBCGDF and the support of the local authorities in Sanjiangyuan of Qinghai Province. It is known that Ash and his guides have successfully reached the source of Sanjiangyuan! The third world record after crossing Mongolia and Madagascar is coming to him! As this exciting moment, CBCGDF’s friends have something to say to Ash: “As the co-organizer of this historic Yangtze River trekking adventure, together with the world, we feel Ash Dykes’ open heart immerses in China’s stunning interior. Thanks to the support of the Sanjiangyuan local government in Qinghai Province. We wish Ash’s “Mission Yangtze” a smooth and grand success!”


More exciting content about Ash’s “Runaway Yangtze” will be followed in succession, so stay tuned!


(The photos in the article are exclusively provided by Ash Dykes. Please indicate the source.)


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(Photo courtesy: Ash Dykes)