CBCGDF Becomes a Partner of the World’s Top WCFF and Wildlife Photography Exhibition
2018/8/11 18:24:00 本站

In March 2018, the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF, www.wcff.org) originated in New York built contact with CBCGDF. The two sides planned to hold an international wildlife photography exhibition in China in the future. Since then, CBCGDF and WCFF have been in deep communication to exchange views on issues of common concern such as endangered wildlife protection and combating wildlife crime.


WCFF is an independent film festival focused on the selection of low-budget wildlife protection films designed to attract and encourage public attention to the protection of global biodiversity. It is the first and only event of its kind and started out to inform, engage and inspire people to protect wildlife and global biodiversity through films. This film festival brings together international conservationists, filmmakers, scientist, photographers and people from across the globe who are dedicated to wildlife. The documentaries showcased at WCFF are made by leading conservationists and filmmakers, many of whom are on the front lines of international wildlife conservation efforts.


(Source: wcff.org)


In 2017, Dali, Yunnan, hosted the first Dali International Film Festival. Invited WCFF to China for the first time, sharing the story about nature and protection at the Cangshan Nature Center at an altitude of 3,800 meters. WCFF presented the award-winning popular documentary “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest”. Mr. Christopher J. Gervais, founder and chairman of WCFF, discussed and shared the theme “The Power of Imagery in Nature Conservation” with other guests.

mr. Gervais参加大理国际电影展分享会(来源:Christopher J. Gervais).jpg

Mr. Gervais (centered) participated in the Dali International Film Festival sharing session (Source: Christopher J. Gervais)

Recently, the final intention was reached in further communication: At the invitation of Mr. Gervais, CBCGDF has become the partner of the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival and the International Wildlife Photography Exhibition to be held in Dali in 2019. This photography exhibition will provide a showcase of the very best nature photographs to thrill the visitors. Another partner from China, the Dali Photography Museum is the main venue for this wonderful all-round spiritual and sensory feast photography exhibition. At that time, the visitors will be immersed in an amazing environment close to nature, enjoying 150 to 200 innovative visual representations of the nature world. Visitors will be awed and inspired by the beauty and diversity of our natural world.

cbcgdfs logo is among the WCFF partners (source wcff.org).png

CBCGDF's logo is among the WCFF's partners (Source: wcff.org)


Ecological civilization is an important symbol of the progress of human society. Public welfare image is on e of the important means of expressing ecological civilization. As always, CBCGDF attaches great importance to promoting image public welfare, promoting biodiversity conservation and inspiring the public’s deeper understanding of nature and wildlife through the “Save the Life with Lens” approach.