Researcher from IDDRI, France, Conducts in-depth Questions and Answers with the Secretary-General of CBCGDF on Biodiversity Conservation
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Fiona Kinniburgh and Aleksandar Rankovic, research fellows at the “Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations” (IDDRI), a French non-profit policy research institute based in Paris, recently visited the “China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation” (CBCGDF). The Secretary-General of the CBCGDF accepted to respond to an in-depth interview about biodiversity conservation in the context of globalization.

IDDRI - Why does the CBCGDF want to go global and international?


Dr. Jinfeng Zhou - First of all, CBCGDF should learn from the larger international non-governmental organizations and better understand their roles. As an NGO specializing in ecological protection and sustainable development, CBCGDF must establish cooperation with these organizations, support each other’s works, communicate with the world and assume its international responsibilities.


Secondly, as China’s status is globally increasing, CBCGDF has the responsibility to spread China’s voice and spread the importance and urgency of ecological protection and biodiversity conservation to Chinese enterprises overseas. Of course, CBCGDF also needs their support. Dr. Diaz, former Executive Secretary of the “Convention on Biological Diversity” (CBD), praised the CBCGDF’s “China Conservation Area” (CCAfa) system. The affirmation of international colleagues from the area is very important to our work and motivation.


Thirdly, CBCGDF has actively promoted the "Belt and Road” initiative (EBRs) and has provided advices on eco-environmental protection and biodiversity conservation to Chinese enterprises overseas. CBCGDF has received letters from the “Indonesian Orangutan Conservation Group” and from Sri Lanka about the waste landfill project. We strongly support their efforts and actively coordinate with them.


IDDRI - Has CBCGDF participated to the “China Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (2011-2030)”?


Dr. Jinfeng Zhou - Public participation has always been one of our priorities. CBCGDF volunteers are always actively involved in the process of consulting government documents. Before the National People’s Congress and the CPPCC National Committee in March each year, CBCGDF will carefully prepare proposals for relevant proposals, and offer suggestions and contributions from the perspective of biodiversity conservation and green development. However, when the Plan was published in 2010, CBCGDF had not made as much progress as it does today, and had therefore not participated in the codification process at that time.


IDDRI - Can CBCGDF provide recommendations to improve the Plan and its current implementation?


Dr. Jinfeng Zhou - As a leading Chinese environmental NGO, CBCGDF has long been advocating for the adoption of a national biodiversity protection act and has held several expert seminars for this purpose. In addition, CBCGDF believes that the Plan may consider joining the “China Conservation Area” (CCAfa) system and building related content such as providing help and support to local NGOs active on the ground.


IDDRI - Are the “Aichi Biodiversity Targets” the guiding philosophy for the work of CBCGDF?


Dr. Jinfeng Zhou - In 2015, when the “United Nations Millennium Development Goals” (MDGs) were accepted, China faced a massive biodiversity loss. To further achieve its international objectives, CBCGDF has been actively promoting the update of the “Directory of Protected Species of Wild Animals” and the “Catalogue of Protected Species of Wild Plants” in China, in an effort to incorporate CCAfa into the “National Protected Area System”.


IDDRI - What are your initiatives regarding biodiversity conservation?


Dr. Jinfeng Zhou - To preserve an uninhabited pristine land in the world, to respect nature, to preserve the ecology, to be innovative and to lead the public to form a new way of life and to prevent the overexploitation of natural resources.

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(Photo source: CBCGDF)

by/ Eddy Mayar Ariss