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Mr. Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE Policy Centre, Former Director UNEP ( United Nations Environment Programme ) and Coordinating Lead Author of IPCC ( Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ) that one Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 is now appointed as Advisor to CBCDGF. His Bio can be viewed here.

April  2018


Rajendra Shende, an alumnus of IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay and former Director of United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP) in Paris. He presently serves as Senior Expert nominated by Government of India to United Nations Environment’s Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP).


He is, a Chairman of TERRE Policy Centre, a think-tank and action-platform on energy and food security, Advisor to Paris Based ‘MediaIndia’ agency and Member of Governing Council of MIT-World Peace University of India. He is member of Advisory council of  IIM ( Indian Institute of Management ) Rohtak for incubators for start-ups.


As a Director in UNEP in Paris, he led the global programme to protect the stratospheric Ozone Layer under the international UN agreement of the Montreal Protocol. Considered as one of the most successful global environmental agreement, Montreal Protocol has achieved the total phase out of dangerous chemicals all over the world that depleted the Ozone layer. That success has avoided the global disaster due to depletion of life-saving ozone layer.


As Coordinating Lead Author of the special report of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of United Nations) he contributed to set in motion, for the first time, a global understanding of the scientific linkages between the stratospheric Ozone Layer and Climate Change.


His numerous awards at international level included a Nobel Peace prize given to IPCC for which he was Coordinating lead author and is proud owner of Nobel Peace Prize citation.


He received two awards from USA government for his contribution successful protection of the Ozone Layer and second one for his efforts to stabilize climate change.


Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School of Governance awarded his programme for forging innovative partnership of the private sector companies for the global protection of environment.


His project won UK Industry award for convening global experts to develop the solar vaccine cooler (called SolarChill) , technology of which is not licensed and in public domain for the benefit of the society.  Dr. Abdul Kalam, late President of India has honoured Mr. Shende for his efforts.


53 African countries and 12 Middle East countries gave citations to Mr. Shende for guiding them in implementing the Montreal Protocol.


Amidst the numerous international and national awards, he considers the most  close to his heart was the award given to him by people of Rahimatpur a small town in Satara district where he did his schooling. 


Mr. Shende is state level rank holder in Secondary school examination and graduate of IIT Bombay. During his all college and IIT education he was a national merit scholar.


Before joining United Nations, Mr. Shende served the senior management positions in Private sector including Tatas.


He recently launched Smart Campus Cloud Network for bringing sustainability to educational campuses using the IoT and Cloud Networking. 22 Universities including 3 from abroad are presently in the network.


He shuttles between France- which he calls as his house, and India-that he calls as his home. 

isKhPBukSEu2c00dAW4T0w_thumb_272c.jpeg(Photo: Rajendra Shende)