CBCGDF’s Good Friend Matti Dubee’s “Dali Paper” Sculpture Exhibition Opens Soon
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“Dreams”, the sculpture exhibition of CBCGDF’s close artist friend Matti Dubee organized by CBCGDF and the IWE Art Museum will be held on June 16th, 2018 at the IWE Art Museum.


Everyone knows that Dali marble comes from Yunnan, but it may not be known “Dali Paper”. This kind of paper sculpture created from the use of old newspapers and white latex gives a marble texture, which is very awesome.


Although it is difficult to find a lot of used newspapers and other discarded paper materials in this era, all the works of “Dali Paper” are from waste paper because this is in line with the artist’s creative philosophy and theme, which is environmental protection.


The creator and artist of these amazing paper sculptures is Matti Dubee, a native of Canada. He came to China when he was a teenager and has since established a relationship with the country’s humanities and nature. When learning Chinese in Shanghai in the early 1990s, he came across sculptures by chance. This opened his artistic life. Matti’s artistic road is inseparable from China. His footprints once covered lots of provinces in China. The reason why he chose to stay in Dali is because he likes the weather there and there is “no traffic jams”. The theme that is reminiscent of his artistic creation is inseparable from climate change and environmental protection.


It takes more than 80 hours to produce each piece of “Dali Paper” sculpture, which contains Matti’s originally and dedicated investment. From the preparation of the materials in the early stage, to the process of bonding, drying, painting, sandpaper grinding, and so on, the process was full of Matti’s thoughts and time. Sandpaper grinding alone takes 24 hours a day, and ultimately present to us the texture of marble. Matti said he felt it was the most difficult and boring part of the creating process.


Matti’s work focuses on current social issues and on environmental protection. It is not hard to imagine that his close friendship with the leading non-governmental organization (NGO), CBCGDF, who is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. In April 2018, CBCGDF held its first “Pangolin Protection and Popularization Education” event in Beijing. Dr. Zhou, the SG of CBCGDF walked into the Fuxue Hutong Elementary School, which has a history of nearly 700 years. Together with more than 200 teachers and students, he developed a special lecture on pangolins protection. On that day, Dr. Zhou was accompanied by a cute lifelike pangolin model, which was one of the magnificent “Dali Paper” sculptures polished by Matti.

Art works are the true reflection of the artist’s psychological level. Matti’s paper sculpture contains profound environmental significance and value. It reflects the current social issues and at the same time calls for environmental protection in an objective and gentle manner, returning to a free and comfortable living environment. Matti’s pure inner side has an expectation, which in his series of works can make a glimpse of the way he sees the world, cares for himself, and narrates. “Dali Paper” has a layered sense and content, and gives people the visual contrast of material selection, also contains the surprise Matti brought to people, just as his rough appearance and delicate inner contrast. He uses this way to create all the emotions that his heart wants to express.


For example, the series “The Spirits Lost in the City”. Matti’s interpretation is that “the forest is swallowed by the city, and the spirits have nowhere to escape were lost in the city and became the wandering lonely individuals.” One of the classic works, “The Pessimistic Adventurer”, expresses “the change of the living environment and the incompetence of the inner heart, which allows the spirit’s simple and beautiful life characteristics to gradually disappear and become nothingness.” Another example is the “Dreams” series, through the smooth flowing lines of female body, expresses the artist’s attention to the delicate humanistic care and inner care, enabling people to experience the temperature and emotions of human nature.


This exhibition will have around 30 pieces of “Dali Paper” sculptures. The center piece is 3.5 meters long. For details, please refer to https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/0JJlWTQxcjPt6nnVyRddPg.

 e 来源:艾维美术馆.jpg

(Photo source: IWE Art Museum)

创作中的主展品(来源:Matti Dubee).jpg

Center piece in the creation. (Photo source: Matti Dubee)

来源:Matti Dubee 2.jpg

来源:Matti Dubee 3.jpg

来源:Matti Dubee.jpg

(Photo source: Matti Dubee)

马丁的穿山甲作品陪伴绿会秘书长向小朋友开展教育宣讲 (来源:中国绿发会).jpeg

Matti’s pangolin model accompanied the SG of CBCGDF to educate kids. (Photo source: CBCGDF)

来源:Matti Dubee 1.jpg

(Photo source: Matti Dubee)

来源:Matti Dubee 4.jpg

(Photo source: IWE Art Museum)


Masterpiece “The Pessimistic Adventurer” (Photo source: IWE Art Museum)

马丁位于昆明西山龙门的创作室俯瞰美丽的滇池(来源:Matti Dubee).jpg

Matti’s studio at Kunming Xishan Longmen overlooks the beautiful Dianchi Lake. (Photo source: Matti Dubee)

创作室内景(来源:Matti Dubee).jpg

Indoor scene of the studio. (Photo source: Matti Dubee)


Matti cares much about environmental protection. (Photo source: IWE Art Museum)

by/Niu Jingmei