【Register ASAP】Founder of the world renowned "Blue Economy", Mr. Gunter Pauli will speak at Peking University on June 25th (Draft)
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In recent years, a type of business model called the “Blue Economy” has gained more and more recognition and practice. To achieve sustainable development, this business model urges people to follow the ecological system and apply renewable materials through physical, chemical and biological methods.


For example:

1) Constructing the naturally cooling building without air-conditioning by imitating the termite mount-holes;

2) Solving the freshwater crisis by learning from the desert beetles collecting water;

3) Using common silk to replace the medal titanium and make low-cost environmentally-friendly razor blades;

4) Designing the appearance of the building by imitating the pattern of the zebras, in order to reduce the indoor temperature by at least 5 degrees...


Gunter Pauli is the founder of the "Blue Economy" concept, and is respectably named as the "Continuation of Steve Jobs." As a member of the Club of Rome (a globally top think-tank on international issues), Gunter decided to retire from the corporate world in 1994, and founded the "Zero Emissions Research Innovation Foundation", and devoted himself to the study of the innovative "Blue Economy" model, and later accomplished a book titled "Blue Economy".


Gunter Pauli (Photo source: Internet)


(Photo source: Internet)

At the invitation of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Gunter Pauli will come to the Peking University on June 25th (Monday) evening to give everyone a magnificent speech.


The ideological feast is hosted by CBCGDF, and the College for Marxism at the Peking University. It is co-organized by the Peking University Alumni Association, the Tsinghua University "Belt and Road" initiative research institute, Tsinghua University "Belt and Road" Health Development Research Center, 1898 Cafe, and Shanghai Muyi Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.


Activity Form:

It is divided into keynote speeches, guest debates and audience interactions.


Let's listen to the wisdom of the wise together.


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This event is partially publicly shared, and the seats are limited. If interested, please register as soon as possible.

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Please provide your information including name, contact information, job title, affiliation, and send it to the following contacts via message/email:


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