Promotes the Public Interest Visual Expression, CBCGDF Actively Interacts with World-renowned Environmental Adventure Photographers
2018/1/31 14:27:00 本站

Ecological civilization is an important symbol of the progress of human society, and the public welfare image is one of the important methods of expressing ecological of biodiversity conservation and promotion of sustainable green development through various media, including visual arts.
CBCGDF sponsored the Enterpriser Photography Nature Foundation (EPNF) to promote the nature photography for public welfare. Many accomplished photographers, unite the power and call for people to take “the right way” of nature photography. The goal is to “save lives with photoshoots” to jointly promote the conservation of biodiversity, to disseminate the positive energy of the public interest and to stimulate people’s deeper understanding of nature (see below).


In the fall of last year, CBCGDF exhibited the outstanding works of the contest at the 12th Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Migratory Species. The exhibit was visited by Mr. Bert Lenten, the Deputy Secretary-General of CMS. It also achieved great success while attracting many senior United Nations officials and representatives of the parties. They all marveled at China’s achievements in biodiversity conservation. Mr. Lenten also mentioned through this photo exhibition and his exchanges with representatives from CBCGDF, he was fortunate to learn the wonderful Chinese wildlife conservation stories.
At the same time, CBCGDF plays a unique role in promoting the win-win cooperation in globally sustainable technologies and products in the field of public welfare imaging in combination with the “Going Out” and “Belt and Road” initiatives. In the fall of 2016, as a strategic partner and public welfare platform with WWF, CBCGDF launched the documentary “Born in China” by Disney Studios and donated part of the box office in China’s premiere week for the Chinese wildlife such as giant panda and other endangered wildlife conservation.
In the spring of 2017, CBCGDF and Poly Art Museum jointly organized the “19th Rare Birds Exhibition”. This showed the longstanding exchanges and cooperation between China and France in the research and protection of the natural environment and promoted the exchange of Chinese and western cultures.
CBCGDF closely interacts and shares with world-class environmental photographers, with British photographer Ashley Cooper (see below) as a representative. He has been concerned about the climate and global warming, with the lens over the past decade recorded the impact. Traveling around the world takes him to every corner of the world and uses photography to document the effects of global warming on people, the environment, and wildlife. The background of natural science provided support for his work.

Ashley 2.png

Recently, the SG of CBCGDF got the latest photo album book shared by Ashley (see below). He just spent 13 years putting his footprint on all continents of the planet, with the lens to record the impact of climate change and the rise of renewable energy. He is the only photographer in the world to do so.
 Ashley.pngIf you are familiar with the British wildlife adventurer Bear Grylls, then Mr. Ashley Cooper is Bear in the environmental photography area. Ashley has just published a photo album book entitled “Images from a Warming Planet” (see, which collects more than 500 of his best photos captured from around the globe, including the vivid record from the city to the country, from north to south in China (see below).

Ashley 1.png

 Ashley 3.pngThis is also the only dedicated album of global climate change images in the world. Its collections are constantly updated as well. It came out to some great reviews, including Jonathon Porritt who called it "an extraordinary photographic record and a powerful call to action". You can read the reviews, peruse the book and even purchase a copy from The book has also just won a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice. Ashley himself is currently trying to raise the funds to send a copy of the book to every world leader and every member of parliament in the UK.
Nature is a gift to humankind, and everyone who loves life should protect nature. Imagine, if a person through the lens language records the natural world and wildlife’s beauty, camped globally, with the soul of the cry and practical action to express the environment and endangered species beyond the love of life, then nothing can stop him.

by/Niu Jingmei, Shuya