Zhou Jinfeng: Water Environmental Protection is the First Step of the “Long March”
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Water is the source of all things, and water pollution is an important problem in environmental protection. Under the guidance of “Lucid waters and lush mountains” thought today, water pollution problems have been rapidly solved and changed, but water environment problems are still facing great challenges.

Recently, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) shared his views on “Water Environmental Protection”.

What are the problems and difficulties of the water environment now?

For example, there are no fish in the water. Some time ago, there were similar actions such as banning fishing. However, due to the continuous increase of local fishing ban, the increase in fish quantity has brought about the disappearance of a large number of aquatic plants, and has led to new water environmental problems. In the past, people were pursuing clear water, but now they need natural water.

We should return water to nature, including new hydropower stations. Water conservancy projects in China have made great contributions to the development of mankind. In ancient times, there were thousands of rivers in nature, and only a few of them had major water conservancy projects. However, nowadays, almost every river has been transformed by water conservancy projects, which has a great impact on the landscape ecology.

Biodiversity includes ecosystem diversity. Changes to nature and water caused by human activities are important causes of biodiversity loss. Whether it is hydropower generation or river and lake management, changes to water ecology are the biggest cause of biodiversity loss.

Water technical regulations and standards, including targets, need to be improved. Restoring the nature of water is not to dismantle all hydropower stations, but to focus on thinking and observing and continuing to follow up with nature as the standard.

The work on water is only the first step in a long march. The problem of water is still deeply disturbed by industrial civilization. Microplastics are prevalent in the oceans due to plastic waste pollution, and there are many worthwhile places for water work in wetlands, lakes, cities and other places.

To protect the water environment well, we need to build the idea of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, avoid staying in the simple standards and quality standards of industrial civilization, and cannot aim at the standards of industrial civilization.

The harmonious coexistence between man and nature is a very important core factor on the earth. In the current biodiversity crisis and climate crisis caused by industrial civilization, the “water” factor plays an extremely important role. Nature should be the basis for our sustainable survival and development, because future water crises and challenges are inevitable, and with the high development of human beings and the demand for water, the impact will continue.

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