Ma Yong: Urgent Need to Strengthen the Legal Guarantee for Realizing the Value of Ecological Products
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From July 29 to August 1, 2023, the Academic Conference of "Ecological Restoration and Realization of Ecological Product Value in Cold and Arid Areas", which is also the 2023 Academic Annual Meeting of the Ecological Restoration Professional Committee of the China Ecological Economics Society was held in Zhangye City, Gansu Province.

The meeting was co-hosted by the Gansu Association for Science and Technology, the CPC Zhangye Municipal Committee, the People's Government of Zhangye City, the Ecological Restoration Professional Committee of the China Ecological Economics Society, the Institute of Ecological Environment and Resources in Northwest of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hexi University, and co-organized by the Science and Technology Periodicals Society of Gansu Province, the Zhangye Development and Reform Commission, the Zhangye Ecological Environment Bureau, the Zhangye Forestry and Grassland Bureau, National Key Laboratory of Ecological Security and Sustainable Development in Arid Areas (Preparatory), Qilian Mountains Ecological Environment Research Center of Gansu Province, and the Group of Northwest Research Institute of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Special Fund for Promoting Sand Industry Development of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) is one of the co-supporters of this conference.

Mr. Ma Yong, Deputy Secretary General of CBCGDF, shared an academic report with experts on "the Urgency to Strengthen the Legal Guarantee for the Realization of the Value of Ecological Products" on the afternoon of July 30.

Mr. Ma Yong pointed out that under the attention and guidance of national leaders, the exploration and practice on ecological products have been carried out nationwide, and gradually transformed to value accounting for ecological products, which is promoted by CBCGDF through a lot of work with the relevant people's governments, including gross ecosystem product (GEP) accounting in two pilot cities (Pu'er City in Yunnan Province and Hinggan League in Inner Mongolia).

At present, there is still a lack of legal protection directly related to ecological products. Mr. Ma Yong analyzed four main issues:

1. The definition of ecological products at the legal level is still not clear;

2. The property rights of ecological products is also not clear;

3. The ecological product evaluation system and accounting standards are not completed;

4. Ecological products lack corresponding legal and regulatory support.

Based on the main issues mentioned above, Mr. Ma Yong proposed corresponding suggestions:

  1. To clarify the basic attributes, legal definitions, and boundaries of ecological products, and clearly define the corresponding characteristics and identification standards through legislation.

  2. To clarify the property rights of ecological products, which is the foundation for conducting market-oriented transactions of ecological products.

  3. To establish national standards to facilitate the unification of basic standards, terminology, and accounting methods for ecological products.

  4. To strengthen legislation, such as revising and enacting the Natural Resources Law, the Ecological Environment Damage Compensation Law (covering the Public Interest Litigation Law), the Marine Environment Protection Law, and the Ecological Compensation Regulations and so on, and clear legal relationships such as market transactions, value accounting, and compensation for ecological and environmental damage through legislation. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen management and law enforcement, clarify departmental responsibilities, and administer according to law, strengthen judicial relief, and safeguard public environmental rights and common social interests.

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