2023 International Climate Conference of People: Focusing on Environmental Services and Dual Carbon Goals [ICCOP 2023]
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The upcoming 2023 International Climate Conference of People Forum (ICCOP 2023) is going to be held on September 3rd by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation with the theme of Environmental Services and Carbon Neutrality Goals during 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

ICCOP 2023 stands as a pivotal event in the global people’s effort to combat climate change. With its central focus on environmental services, this conference aims to bring together governments, organizations, and individuals from around the world to discuss and implement sustainable solutions to mitigate carbon emissions and protect our environment.

Climate change remains one of the most pressing challenges faced by our planet today. The rising of global temperatures, extreme weather events, and the loss of biodiversity are just some of the dire consequences we continue to face. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, ICCOP 2023 seeks to foster collaboration and cooperation among enterprises, encouraging them to adopt more ambitious environmental targets.

The concept of "environmental services" underscores the importance of safeguarding and restoring ecosystems as a means to combat climate change. The conference will emphasize the need for sustainable land management practices, reforestation efforts, conservation of natural resources, and enhanced biodiversity protection. Discussions will revolve around promoting green infrastructure, investing in renewable energy sources, and adopting sustainable consumption and production patterns.

In line with the conference's main theme, the concept of "dual carbon goals" will be a key talking point. These goals involve reducing carbon emissions while simultaneously pursuing carbon sink initiatives. Participants will explore innovative approaches such as carbon capture and storage technologies, afforestation, and green agriculture practices to achieve these goals. By addressing both ends of the carbon equation, the conference aims to create a pathway towards a net-zero carbon future.

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