Jinfeng Zhou Delivered a Lecture at East China Normal University on Ecological Civilization: Natural Evolution and Future Exploration
2023/7/26 14:34:00 本站

On July 24, 2023, Dr. Jinfeng Zhou, Secretary-General of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), visited the Langxia Outskirt Park's rural landscape of agriculture, forestry, and water in Shanghai. He delivered the inaugural lecture titled "Natural Evolution and Future Exploration" to students at East China Normal University.


Focusing on the theme of "Ecological Civilization: East and West Converge," Dr. Zhou introduced the concept and significance of ecological civilization, as well as China's path in building an ecological civilization. Starting with the alarming issues of "the sixth mass extinction" and the advancing "Earth Overshoot Day," he emphasized the grave crisis of "6th mass extinction" faced by humanity and elucidated how biodiversity lies at the heart of ecological civilization. Dr. Zhou acknowledged the progress made in China's ecological civilization, but also highlighted the need to update perceptions in various aspects, such as strengthening environmental conservation and resource-saving awareness in daily life, such as avoiding plastic book covers and single-use cutlery for takeaway meals.


During the lecture, students explored the cultural diversity under the context of ecological civilization and learned how to objectively view the differences, interactions, and integration between Eastern and Western civilizations. They expressed that through this seminar, not only did they deepen their understanding of ecological civilization, but it also fostered their contemplation on the future development of life. The lecture not only broadened students' horizons, but also ignited their desire for further exploration of nature and the ecological environment.


Dr. Zhou's presentation not only covered the essence of ecological civilization but also showcased the cultural diversity that thrives under such a civilization. The students were exposed to the different dynamics and harmonies between Eastern and Western civilizations, which helped them develop a more objective perspective.

Authored by | Xiaowen Sheng

Reviewed by | Samantha