Jinfeng Zhou Invited to Address XVI International Media Forum - Greenaccord 2023
2023/7/26 13:59:00 本站

Dr. Jinfeng Zhou, Secretary-General of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), has received a prestigious invitation from the international network of environmental journalists, Greenaccord. He has been invited to deliver a report at the XVI International Media Forum - Greenaccord 2023, which will take place in Italy from November 16th to November 18th, 2023. The forum will focus on the crucial theme of "Nature Safeguard," and Dr. Zhou's report will specifically address "China's engagement concerning environmental policies."

Greenaccord, a renowned non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting global dialogues and cooperation in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. The XVI International Media Forum aims to bring together journalists, experts, scientists, government officials, and representatives from non-governmental organizations to discuss and address pressing environmental challenges.

In a letter addressed to Dr. Zhou, the Associazione Culturale Greenaccord Onlus, expressed their pleasure in inviting him to participate in this esteemed event. They also provided the draft program of the forum along with the invitation.

Dr. Zhou's expertise and insights on China's environmental policies and commitment to biodiversity conservation make him a distinguished speaker for this international platform. His participation is expected to contribute significantly to the discussions and foster international collaboration in safeguarding nature.

As the CBCGDF plays a crucial role in promoting biodiversity conservation and green development in China, Dr. Zhou's presence at the forum will provide a valuable opportunity to share China's experiences, initiatives, and efforts in environmental protection.

Greenaccord's invitation serves as a recognition of Dr. Zhou's contributions to the field of environmental conservation and underscores the importance of China's role in addressing global environmental challenges. We look forward to witnessing his presentation at the XVI International Media Forum - Greenaccord 2023.

Reporter: Wendy
Editor: Sara

Contact: v10@cbcgdf.org; +8617319454776


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