ZHOU Jinfeng Talked About Three Scopes of Assessing the “Carbon Neutrality” of Green Meeting
2023/7/25 16:46:00 本站

Carbon emissions from meeting organization should be considered in 3 scopes. “Scope 1” emissions are greenhouse gas emissions directly related to the meeting organizers; “Scope 2” emissions refer to greenhouse gas emissions indirectly related to meeting organizers; “Scope 3” emissions are other indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with the meeting that are outside the direct control of the meeting organizers.

It is reported that a meeting or a conference claims to have achieved “carbon neutrality” without really considering the classification and elaboration of these scopes.

First of all, the so-called “carbon neutrality” of these meetings or activities is actually only the calculation of its own “Scope 1” emissions. In fact, there is much to be done at these meetings in terms of “Scope 2” and “Scope 3” carbon reduction. There are many opportunities for meeting organizers to improve carbon emissions in the “Scope 3” when they choose venues, paper, restaurants, transportation, and when they arrange for shared vehicles to pick up and drop off.

Of course, people should not expect them to be carbon neutral in all three scopes, but, at least the concept of the three scopes should be established and should be under controlled conditions, in some specific levels of the three scopes, to implement carbon neutrality, or low-carbon requirements. In fact, it’s very easy to do. For example, the drinking water provided by the venue can use less disposable plastic bottles; the meal is based on local and seasonal food. These initiatives and guidance are truly contributing to solving the climate crisis.

Therefore, when declaring a meeting to be “carbon neutral”, it should be clear which scope has achieved carbon neutrality, or adopted low-carbon and climate response measures. We hope that everyone will have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of carbon peak and carbon neutral actions, and take more actions within our capacity. This is the fundamental way for us to reach a solution to the climate crisis.

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