CBCGDF To Co-host China Microbial Technology Industry Development Forum in July 2023
2023/7/20 9:25:00 本站

The China Microbial Technology Industry Development Forum is set to take place in Guigang City, Guangxi, from July 27th to 28th 2023. Co-hosted by the Agricultural Economics Research Branch of the China Association for Promoting the Construction of a Well-off Society, the Microbial and Bioeconomy Professional Committee of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), and the China Health and Nutrition Magazine, the Forum aims to promote the growth of the microbial industry, enhance the overall competitiveness of the local economy, and accelerate microbial innovation and technology transfer.


As a strategic emerging industry in China, the microbial industry has already established a relatively complete industrial system. With the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the bioeconomy and various national agricultural policies, microbial technology is expected to play an even more significant role. Therefore, the forum will focus on the development plans and key challenges in areas such as microbial contributions to human health, food safety, and sustainable agriculture.


The event will be held at the Wenhua Grand Hotel in Guigang City, with an estimated attendance of around 120 participants, including experts, scholars, representatives from businesses, and government officials in relevant fields. Under the theme of "Promoting the Transformation of Microbial Scientific and Technological Achievements to Support the Development of the Microbial Industry," the forum aims to strengthen collaboration among academia, industry, research, and application sectors, facilitating the transformation and application of microbial scientific achievements and fostering innovative development within the microbial industry.


In addition to the co-organizers, Guangxi Nuohuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will serve as the host organization for the forum. The event will also receive support from approximately 30 media outlets, including CBCGDF Media, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, People's Political Consultative Daily, Guangming Daily, China Daily, Farmers' Daily, China News Service, People's Daily Online, Xinhua Net, China.org.cn, CCTV International Online, Global Times, Guangxi Broadcasting and Television Station, Sina.com, Tencent.com, China Green Times, Rural Newspaper, China News Agency, and local media.


Microorganisms play a crucial role in biodiversity, and CBCGDF, as a national-level society committed to biodiversity conservation and green development, holds a strong interest in bioeconomy and sustainable growth.  The significance of the Microbial Technology Industry lies in its potential to revolutionize various sectors and contribute to sustainable development. Microbial technology involves the application of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses, in diverse fields ranging from healthcare and agriculture to environmental management and industrial processes. The CBCGDF established a Microbial and Bioeconomy Professional Committee to study the area and to promote related green development.


The convening of this forum is of great significance in promoting the development of the microbial technology industry and driving innovation in related fields. CBCGDF hopes that through the discussions and exchanges among experts, scholars, and industry professionals, innovative solutions and collaboration opportunities can be explored, providing valuable guidance and support for the development of China's microbial industry.


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