The International Department of CBCGDF Actively Recommends Chinese Experts to Join International Organizations to Help Achieve Goal 3 of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework
2023/7/11 17:24:00 本站

The International Department of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation recommended a Chinese expert to a relevant international organization. This nomination aims to promote Goal 3 of the "Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework" (GBF), to build an international recognition system for the world, to encourage, motivate and expand excellent nature conservation practices, and to contribute the power of Chinese experts.


Actively recommending outstanding scientific and technological workers to join international organizations is of great significance to helping Chinese talents deeply participate in global scientific and technological governance. In the past few years, the global environmental governance team of CBCGDF has studied hard and strived to provide a platform for experts to step on the stage of global technology governance.


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