Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF Invited to Attend the First High-Level Conference of the Forum of Global Action for Shared Development
2023/7/10 9:29:00 本站

The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited to attend the First High-Level Conference of the Forum of Global Action for Shared Development. The conference, with the theme "Global Action for the China-proposed GDI" , is currently taking place in Beijing from July 9th to 10th, 2023. Participants from over 130 countries, international organizations, and other entities are attending the forum both online and offline. CBCGDF is honored to participate in this significant conference and to learn and to share.

Aiming to build consensus for addressing development issues, the forum is composed of four parallel sessions: Global Public Goods at a Critical Juncture: Refocusing on Poverty Reduction and Food Security, Global Green Development in the Context of Carbon Neutrality, Capital Mobilization and Sustainable Financing Development, and Integrate Digital & AI Know-hows to Facilitate Global Interconnectivity and Development.

Over the years, CBCGDF has actively engaged in international cooperation, participating in global environmental and technology governance. CBCGDF is an observer organization to the three Rio Conventions (CBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD) and a member of international organizations like the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The organisation has conducted international aid efforts, including providing aid for the climate crisis in Madagascar and assisting the United Nations Refugee Agency in fundraising for clean energy and sustainable livelihoods for refugees in Pakistan. It has also facilitated exchanges and cooperation with civil society organizations in countries such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and has helped Nepalese social organizations pay outstanding dues to international organizations. Moreover, the biodiversity-featured national scientific society, in collaboration with the research team led by Dr. Huang Wenjiang from the Aerospace Information Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has jointly released the latest data on monitoring the desert locust crisis in Asia and Africa and the dynamics of fall armyworm, uploading the data to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) for free sharing with developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, enhancing their capacity in invasive species control. It has also supported large-scale monitoring and early warning for biosafety and food security in countries and regions along the Belt and Road through scientific and technological means.

(Source: Xinhua News, China Government Website)

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