WANG Shengfu Talks about the Preliminary Study of Judicial Appraisal of Environmental Damage - Identification Technology and Professional Quality
2023/7/7 13:10:00 本站

On the afternoon of July 1, 2023, supported by the Legal Working Committee of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), hosted by the Environmental and Resources Legal Committee of the Guangdong Lawyers Association, the seminar on the Litigation Expert Assistant System for Ecological and Environmental Cases was held online and offline and ended successfully.

WANG Shengfu, director of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection of Linyi Vocational College of Science and Technology, deliver ed in the meeting a keynote speech titled "A Preliminary Study on Judicial Identification of Environmental Damage - Identification Technology and Professional Quality".

He said it is very necessary to be an environmental support person, because the policies and regulations have changed too fast in recent years, and those of us who study this major may not have a comprehensive understanding of the policies and regulations. It is even more difficult to understand the terminology of environmental protection. The second point is that there are still considerable regional differences in the development of ecological and environmental judicial appraisal, and the environmental assistant system can effectively alleviate this difference. The third point is that companies have a high awareness of rights protection. If the environmental testing procedures are unreasonable and irregular, the company may apply for the cancellation of administrative penalties.

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