CBCGDF's BASE Team Won the Second Prize of the First "Science and Technology Ethics Frontier Talk" National Essay Contest
2023/7/6 16:57:00 本站

In early July 2023, CBCGDF's Biology and Science Ethics (BASE) Working Committee Team won the second prize in the first National Essay Contest of "Science and Technology Ethics Frontier Talk" for the paper "On the Ecological Impact of and Countermeasures for Drones Chasing and Wild Birds Shooting". This is a recognition of the long-term active exploration and research work of the BASE Team in the field of science and technology ethics, and also highlights the re-examination of the relationship between man and nature under the context that the whole society attaches importance to science and technology ethics.


The essay contest is held to strengthen the popularization of science and technology ethics education and improve the public's awareness of science and technology ethics. The event organized by the Leading Group of Publicity and Education on the Construction of Scientific Ethics aims to guide people to pay attention to the ethical issues of science and technology and promote the positive interaction between science and technology and ethics.

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