CBCGDF Shared the Story of Young Talents' Participation in Capacity Building for Global Environmental Governance
2023/7/6 16:51:00 本站

In early July 2023, the head of the International Department of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) shared with relevant organizations young talents’ participation in capacity building for global environmental governance at invitation. She talked about the meaning and concept of youth talent training, past best practices, how youth can participate in global environmental governance, and how to help youth capacity building through medium and long-term growth curve.


CBCGDF International Department and "Go Global" Office have long been committed to cultivating outstanding Chinese youth to go global and participate in global science and technology governance and global environmental governance, so that Chinese youth with passion & aspiration can have the opportunity to make themselves better heard on the international stage. Then the world can know more about the good story of how the Chinese have been dedicated to the global environmental governance.


In recent years, CBCGDF has provided many outstanding volunteers & interns with great opportunities to participate in important policy revisions, international projects, forum planning, event as a host or a keynote speaker at the international conferences, and publishing articles in academic journals at home and abroad, and recommending outstanding students to study & work in world-renowned universities & organizations.


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