ZENG Zheng Delivered a Report at the Expert Forum on the Prevention and Control of Major International Cross-border Animal Diseases and One Health
2023/6/30 17:03:00 本站

On June 27, 2023, the expert forum organized by the “Belt and Road” International Major Cross-border Animal Disease Diagnosis and Immunization Innovation Institute was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of Jinling Research Institute, Nanjing Agricultural University, to introduce China’s current major cross-border animal disease and the important challenges of One Health, exchange cross-border animal disease prevention and control and the One Health challenges and needs of “Belt and Road” countries and international organizations, and discuss new ways to accelerate the work of major international cross-border Dong disease professional innovation Institute.

ZENG Zheng, deputy Secretary-General of the One Health Working Committee of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), delivered a report on the “Regional Prevention and Control Practice of Brucellosis in Chongqing Based on One Health” at the meeting, and analyzed in detail the work practice of brucellosis comprehensive prevention and control in Chongqing in the past ten years with the concept of one health.

ZENG Zheng analyzed that currently brucellosis and other zoonotic infectious diseases are facing a more serious epidemic trend, the main challenge is that the “one health” method has not been implemented, and the publicity and science popularization methods of brucellosis need to be improved, especially the science popularization outside the industry needs to be strengthened, so as to arouse widespread attention and support, so as to promote the prevention and control, purification and elimination of brucellosis. In order to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of animal husbandry, the quality and safety of animal products, and the level of social public health.

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