BBNJ Chair Mrs. Rena Lee Met with China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation Representative
2023/6/28 17:11:00 本站

During the "International Conference on Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction," kicked off on June 28, 2023, in Qingdao, productive discussions took place between Mrs. Rena Lee, the Chair of BBNJ negotiations, and the representative from the Marine Team of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF). The CBCGDF representative introduced the Beijing-based group's work in the field of biodiversity protection and engaged in in-depth discussions on the subject with Mrs.Rena Lee.

CBCGDF Marine Team representative, Zhao Yan, shared CBCGDF's experiences attending BBNJ negotiation meetings over the years and expressed gratitude to Mrs. Rena Lee for her relentless efforts in laying the foundation and achievements for the BBNJ agreement.

As an international expert in environmental affairs, Mrs. Rena Lee expressed her appreciation for CBCGDF's continuous participation in BBNJ negotiation meetings over the past three years and commended its extensive efforts in promoting and raising awareness about the negotiations on the high seas. She also acknowledged the achievements of Chinese civil society organizations in biodiversity conservation. The two sides exchanged views on future collaboration between civil society organizations and stakeholders in the fields of marine conservation, sustainable utilization, and technology transfer on high seas.

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