CBCGDF International Environmental Special Fund Assists Pakistani Business Delegation in Connecting with Hunan Enterprises
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From June 18 to 19, 2023, organized and coordinated by the International Environmental Special Fund of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), a delegation of Pakistani business representatives visited Hunan, China for exchanges and connections with government institutions, business associations, and relevant enterprises.

The Pakistani business delegation, consisting of eight members, was led by Senator and General Abdul Qayyum, a highly respected figure in the political and economic circles of Pakistan, along with Sheikh Ejaz Asghar, Vice Chairman of the Pakistan-China Business Forum, Mr. Khalid Mahmood, CEO of Pakistan Green Energy Company, and Ms. Wang Lihua, General Manager of Pakistan Woda Limited. The business areas for connections covered new energy, automobiles, steel, household appliances, building materials, electronic products, food processing, and agricultural products.

On the morning of June 18, the Pakistani delegation held exchanges and connections with more than 60 Hunan enterprises at the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce. Representatives from the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce introduced the overall situation of Hunan's industries and the current status of trade connections with Pakistan. They highlighted the prospects and opportunities that Hunan's industrial capabilities, particularly in engineering machinery, new energy, IT technology, and e-commerce, can bring to the upgrading and competitiveness of Pakistan's industries.

The representatives of the Pakistani business delegation stated that Pakistan has a population of over 200 million and is currently at the initial stage of rapid development with a relatively low overall economic level. Due to the longstanding friendly relations, the government attaches great importance to trade connections and cooperation with China. They view China as a role model for development and expressed the urgent need for Chinese technology and products in the fields of communications, building materials, aviation, new energy, transportation, food processing, electronic products, agriculture, and household appliances. Following the introduction, representatives from Hunan enterprises engaged in information exchange and preliminary connections with the Pakistani business delegation.

Image: Members of the Pakistani business delegation in discussions with Hunan enterprises at the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce.

On the morning of June 19th, the Pakistani business delegation split into two teams. One team visited CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., while the other team visited Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group. At CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, the Pakistani delegation gained in-depth understanding of the company's development history, toured the manufacturing center, and held discussions with the leaders of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric, Times New Material, and International Marketing Center. General Abdul Qayyum highly praised the leading technologies of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive in locomotive manufacturing, rail transit, and new energy fields. He considered these technologies as urgently needed by Pakistan and expressed willingness to help CRRC open up the Pakistani market. At Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group, Vice Chairman Sheikh Ejaz Asghar obtained detailed information about Lianyuan's main products, visited the production line, and acknowledged the excellent quality of Lianyuan's products. He mentioned that there are several products that Pakistani manufacturers are currently seeking, expressing their intention for procurement.

Image: Members of the business delegation visiting CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Research Institute.

Image: Representatives of the business delegation, Mr. Sheikh Ejaz Asghar (third from left), Mr. Chen Hao (first from left), and Mr. Zhou Zhiguo (third from right), visiting Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group.

In the afternoon of June 19th, General Abdul Qayyum and some members of the Pakistani business delegation visited the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Zhuzhou, where they held a meeting with Yang Zhoushuang, Vice Chairman of Zhuzhou Overseas Chinese Association, Zou Lijun, President of Zhuzhou Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and representatives of local enterprises. General Abdul Qayyum reviewed the more than 30 years of interaction with China and expressed strong agreement with China's proposed strategy of building the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor." He emphasized that Pakistan occupies a unique geographical location, and the establishment of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" can greatly shorten the trade distance between China and Europe, as well as other countries along the Belt and Road, while further ensuring economic security. He welcomed enterprises from Zhuzhou to develop in Pakistan and assist Pakistan in achieving technological and product upgrades in industry and agriculture.

Image: Members of the Pakistani business delegation taking a group photo with representatives of the Zhuzhou Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Image: General Abdul Qayyum explaining the importance of China-Pakistan trade development to the world economy.

Dr. He Ping, Director of the International Environmental Special Fund of CBCGDF, who served as the main coordinator of this event, expressed that CBCGDF has a long-term cooperative relationship with Pakistan. The main task of CBCGDF's International Environmental Special Fund is to promote international exchanges and cooperation and introduce China's low-carbon and green technologies and products to the world. He emphasized the need for further strengthening exchanges and cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road. He hoped that through the visit of the Pakistani business delegation to Hunan, bilateral connections can be established and strengthened, further promoting the entry of outstanding Hunan enterprises and products into the Belt and Road market.

This event was strongly supported by the Hunan Branch of the Smart Water Conservancy Research Institute of Hohai University and the United Front Work Department of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee.

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