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In the afternoon of June 14, 2023, a delegation of three people, including Mr. Zou Qian, the head of the Special Fund for Ecological Revitalization of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), visited Dr. Zhou Jinfeng and Mr. Ma Yong, secretary-general and vice secretary-general of CBCGDF.

Mr. Zou Qian introduced the pilot project of the Agricultural Soil Carbon Fixation Demonstration Project which treats efficiently the agricultural waste of the Ecological Revitalization Special Fund in Haoping Town, Danjiangkou, Hubei Province. The pilot was supported by China Life Insurance, Danjiangkou Municipal People's Government and Danjiangkou Agricultural and Rural Bureau. According to calculations, treating 1 ton of straw can achieve approximately 1600kg of carbon reduction, and treating 1 ton of livestock manure can achieve approximately 800kg of carbon reduction.

Livestock manure with low and high water content was treated with different methods. Harmless treatment within a few hours can replace the use of chemical fertilizer. It can not only solve the environmental pollution caused by livestock manure, but also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural production, improve soil organic matter, and achieve carbon fixation. After the rice is ripe and harvested, next steps are to measure the rice yield, collect soil samples, compare with the original rice and soil samples, and calculate the comprehensive carbon sequestration by calculating the increase of soil organic matter.

Thay also discussed the time required for livestock manure treatment and natural composting, their respective characteristics, whether the harmless treatment process will generate secondary pollution, the proportion of alternative fertilizers, the water quality testing work around the pilot site, and the content of organic matter in the soil.

With the continuous implementation of pilot work, the demand for research and developing emission reduction calculation methodology has been put on the agenda, and became an important part of the pilot work.

Dr. Zhou Jinfeng pointed out that it is necessary to improve methodology, strengthen the collection, recording, and collation of data, conduct methodological research through detailed data in practice, develop highly recognized and high-quality methodological standards, and organize expert discussions after the accounting results are obtained to stabilize scientific and technological achievements and lay a foundation for future expansion and implementation. The project team can also apply to relevant departments for project approval and apply for scientific and technological progress awards at all levels, truly protecting lucid waters and lush mountains, and make contributions to ecological revitalization.

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