CBCGDF Plans to Develop a Green Index to Improve the Green Literacy of Youth Aged 13-19
2023/6/19 14:31:00 本站

On June 12, several departments of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) held a meeting to guide and improve the ability and skills of youth aged between 13 and 19 around the world in coping with climate change, biodiversity conservation and ecological civilization awareness. It was decided to formally establish a project to develop Green Youth Index.

The Green Youth Index is mainly divided into two categories. One is the evaluation of the green index for individual adolescents, and the other is the evaluation of the green index for large-scale aggregates of different sizes. The latter can include classes, schools, communities, cities or countries. The specific index framework will cover biodiversity conservation, climate change and carbon neutrality, green development and ecological civilization, and ecological ethics.

“Ecological civilization education is one of the most important part of the concept and construction of ecological civilization. Its core actor is the youth. In promoting the popularization and construction of ecological civilization, CBCGDF has laid a deep foundation. For example, a lot of work has been carried out, such as holding of national college students’ environmental protection knowledge competition for many years.” Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary general of CBCGDF, hopes that the research and development of Green Youth Index will be started as soon as possible, so as to promote and lead the improvement of green literacy of domestic and international teenagers.

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