Editorial Committee of the Biodiversity Encyclopedia Holds Outline Discussion Meeting in Beijing
2023/6/6 15:12:00 本站

The rapid loss of biodiversity poses a serious threat to the survival of humanity. In order to promote the mainstreaming of biodiversity, on May 18th, 2023, the Editorial Committee of the Biodiversity Encyclopedia, under the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), held a meeting to discuss the outline of the encyclopedia. The meeting focused on its vision, priority, format, distinctive features, and adjustments to the basic framework, marking the official commencement of the encyclopedia's compilation.

In addition, the call for papers for the Biodiversity Encyclopedia series has been initiated. This call for papers is jointly promoted by the Editorial Committee of the Biodiversity Encyclopedia and the Editorial Committee of "Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development" (referred to as "BioGreen"). Initially, excellent submissions will be collected and published through "BioGreen." Subsequently, based on the compilation requirements of the Biodiversity Encyclopedia, suitable content will be selected for editing and adjustment before being included in the encyclopedia series.62314944

The Biodiversity Encyclopedia aims to serve as a comprehensive and authoritative source of knowledge, providing valuable insights into the world's diverse ecosystems, species, and the intricate interrelationships within them. The significance of this endeavor lies in raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation and highlighting the urgent need for action.

During the outline discussion meeting, esteemed experts and scholars from various fields, including biology, ecology, environmental science, and conservation, gathered to exchange ideas and contribute their expertise. The committee deliberated on the key thematic areas, structure, and content organization of the encyclopedia. It emphasized the importance of capturing both scientific rigor and accessibility to engage a wide readership, including researchers, policymakers, educators, and the general public.

The Biodiversity Encyclopedia aims to be more than just a collection of facts and figures. It seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the intrinsic value of biodiversity, emphasizing its crucial role in ecosystem functioning, human well-being, and sustainable development. Through vivid descriptions, captivating illustrations, and thought-provoking narratives, it aspires to ignite a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world while raising awareness about the pressing need for conservation efforts.

The collaborative nature of the call for papers, engaging both the Biodiversity Encyclopedia Editorial Committee and the BioGreen Editorial Committee, ensures a comprehensive selection process. The initial screening by "BioGreen" will guarantee the inclusion of high-quality submissions that align with the goals and vision of the Biodiversity Encyclopedia. The selected contributions will undergo careful editing and adjustment, ensuring the integration of diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary insights.

By incorporating the most up-to-date research findings, case studies, and conservation practices, the Biodiversity Encyclopedia will provide readers with a wealth of knowledge to deepen their understanding of the intricate web of life on Earth. It will elucidate the challenges faced by biodiversity and offer innovative solutions and best practices for conservation and sustainable management.


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