Legal Issues Regarding Chinese Organisations Accepting Foreign Rewards and Donations | 11th Melodious Deer Chirping—CBCGDF Expert Interview
2023/6/5 16:40:00 本站

The Law Committee of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) will host a “Melodious Deer Chirping—CBCGDF Expert Interview” event on June 6th 2023, focusing on the discussion of legal issues related to accepting foreign rewards and donations.

Experts, scholars, and relevant organizations are cordially invited to participate, discuss, express viewpoints, and engage in the dialogue of this upcoming event.

The topics to be discussed include:

1. What does the expression “engaging in activities within China” mean in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Domestic Activities of Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations?

2. How does a simple donation from a foreign NGO to a Chinese social organization, which is not a targeted donation, differ from “engaging in activities” within China in terms of facts and laws? For instance, if an institution receives an international prize, does it violate the Law of Domestic Activities of Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations?

3. Regarding the requirement for "Chinese social organizations to refuse or return foreign donations," what is the legal time limit for the "return" operation?

4. In China's domestic legal system, what is the concept of the term "Foreign NGO"? Does it encompass "charitable organizations" and "tax-exempt institutions"?

5. How can individuals and organizations within China regulate their related work?

6. How is the "Nobel Prize reward" legally classified? If a Chinese individual or institution receives a Nobel Prize and the associated monetary reward, does it constitute "illegally accepting foreign donations" according to the Law of Domestic Activities of Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations?

This event will be held both online and offline. Interested individuals are welcome to join the meeting.

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"Melodious Deer Chirping—CBCGDF Expert Interview" is a series of interview events aimed at discussing hot topics related to the ecological environment through the sharing of viewpoints and debates. These events are usually broadcasted live on various platforms of the matrix of "CBCGDF Media". Since the first episode in March 2022, a total of 10 events have been held, attracting more than 30 million viewers to date.


Reporter: Honglan Yang

Translator: Xiaoai



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